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What Do Elephants Eat? Elephants Favorite Food

Elephants are gigantic mammals that live in Africa and Asia. Currently, there are three major species of elephants; The Asian elephant, the African forest elephant, and the African bush elephant. Elephants are extremely strong and massive, making them huge eaters.

With most adult elephants weighing over 6000 pounds, it is easy to know that these animals are huge eaters who need constant, reliable food sources.

So, what food do elephants eat? Do they eat meat? Do they eat grasses or fruits? Are they omnivores? Find out in this piece.

What Do Elephants Like to Eat?

Elephants are herbivores, which means they only eat grasses, plants, fruits, and select vegetation. They do not eat meat. Elephants eat hay, grasses, plants, fruit, and tree bark. Here is a list of what elephants eat.

  • Bark.
  • Grasses.
  • Bushes.
  • Hay.
  • Plants.
  • Shrubs.
  • Roots.
  • Fruit.
  • Twigs.

While the above list comprises majorly what all elephants eat, the habitat of each species gets to determine what they eat more often. An African bush elephant’s diet slightly varies from an Asian elephant’s because of habitat differences.

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Elephant eating tree

What Do African Elephants Eat?

African bush elephants mostly eat leaves and grass that are easily available to them. They also eat fruits, tree bark, and varied foliage. African bush elephants spend most of their day looking for food and consume up to 350 pounds worth of food.

African forest elephants also eat food similar to bush elephants. Their major food is leaves and grasses as well. They also eat seeds, tree bark, and fruits. They can easily find their food in the forest.

What Does an Asian Elephant Eat?

Asian elephants eat lots of grasses and tree bark. They also eat roots and will settle for leaves if their preferred choices of grasses and tree bark are unavailable. Elephants also eat small stems to complement their diet.

What Do Baby Elephants Eat?

Baby elephants drink their mother’s milk for about 24 months. That is two years, with an average daily consumption of three gallons of milk.

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Baby elephant

Baby elephants would have required more milk for survival but compensate for their suckling need with small plants right from the fourth month after birth. Some baby elephants can drink milk until they are ten years old.

What do Pygmy Elephants Eat? (Borneo Pygmy Elephant Diet)

Borneo Pygmy eats roots, leaves, grasses, and fruits. Sugar cane and bananas make up a high percentage of their fruit diet. Borneo Pygmy elephants are subspecies of Asian elephants that live in the forests and are one the largest herbivores globally.

How Often Does an Elephant Eat?

Elephants spend 13 to 19 hours eating daily. They live to eat and are always on the move, searching for viable food. Elephants eat grasses, plants, tree bark, and fruits every day. Their high consumption helps ensure their survival.

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How Much Do Elephants Eat in a Day?

Elephants can eat up to 300 pounds of food daily. These mammals are big eaters and need to eat daily for the strength to move around and find new food sources. Some elephants, like the Pygmy, eat close to 360 pounds of food.

How Long Can Elephants Live Without Food?

Elephants will die after four days without food. These mammals need food to move around. Two days without food will significantly weaken their system; by the third day, they will become almost immobile.

Most elephants will die by the fourth day without food. Fortunately, many food sources are available for elephants to keep them from dying of hunger.

How Do Elephants Get Their Food?

Elephants eat grasses, leaves, tree bark, and fruits in savannas and forests across Africa and Asia. They carry their food with their heavy trunk. They can use their tusk to tear through tree barks and dig before using their strong trunk to lift their bounty.

Elephants eating shrubs

Where Do Elephants Eat?

Elephants eat available leaves, tree bark, grasses, and various plants in their habitat. They use their trunk to break down large tree branches and peel off the bark for consumption. African elephants and Asian elephants eat similar food.

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How Do Elephants Eat Their Food?

Elephants eat their food by using their trunk to pick food into their mouth before chewing with their strong molars. They also use the trunk hole to suck water and squirt it into their mouth.

The trunk is connected to elephants’ mouths and comprises their noses and upper lips. The trunk has high sensitivity.

How Many Stomachs Do Elephants Have?

Elephants have a single stomach that immediately digests food. They are non-ruminants and, as such, do not chew their cud.

How Much Water Do Elephants Drink?

According to US standard measurements, elephants drink 18 to 26 gallons of water daily. That is about 68.4 to 98.8 liters of water. Some female elephants could drink up to 40 gallons (152 liters) of water, while male adults could consume 55 gallons (212 liters) of water.

Elephants drinking

Frequently Asked Questions

What Fruits Do Elephants Eat?

Elephants eat fruits, their favorite being Jackfruit, mangoes, figs, and bananas. They eat fruit when they can find them.

Do Elephants Eat Grass and Leaves?

Elephants eat grasses and leaves as primary food. Leaves and grasses make up a large chunk of all elephants’ diets in the wild. Both African and Asian elephants eat grasses a lot.

Do Elephants Eat Other Animals?

Elephants are herbivores and, as such, do not eat any meat. They do not kill animals without provocation and do not even eat dead corpses.

Do Elephants Eat Humans?

Elephants do not eat humans because they are herbivores. They only eat grass, leaves, fruits, and plants. Elephants have never been recorded to eat flesh at any time.

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