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What Eats Raccoons? – Top 12 Raccoon Predators

Raccoons are animals that eat everything and live in a wide range of places, such as forests, cities, and wetlands. As with any animal, raccoons have natural predators that hunt and eat them.

In this article, we’ll talk about the 12 animals that raccoons have to worry about, such as bobcats, foxes, wolves, coyotes, and eagles. We will also answer the question of whether raccoons are edible and if alligators hunt and eat raccoons.

There are many animals that eat raccoons in the wild, such as large birds of prey, snakes, and carnivorous mammals. The most common predators of raccoons include coyotes, foxes, bobcats, and owls, but other predators like wolves, eagles, and alligators may also prey on raccoons depending on their habitat.

12 Raccoons Predators

Raccoons are small to medium-sized mammals that are native to North America. They are easy to recognize because they wear masks and have very flexible front paws that let them move things and open containers. While raccoons may seem harmless, they do have a number of natural predators.

Here are 12 of them and a brief explanation of each:

Raccoon predators - Coyote


Coyotes are one of the most common predators of raccoons. They are opportunistic hunters that will eat just about anything, including raccoons. Although raccoons don’t make up a significant portion of a coyote’s diet, if one comes too close, the crafty canid won’t pass up a meal.

White-tailed deer are the primary target of coyotes, who rely on them for sustenance. If they come across one another, they will also scavenge for plants, rodents, voles, rabbits, and even foxes.

Raccoon predators - Fox


Foxes are another common predator of raccoons. They are fast and agile, which makes them well-suited for catching raccoons. Raccoons and foxes often live in the same places, and they can both adjust to new places.

They both come out at night, but foxes are often seen during the day, hunting or moving from one hiding place to another. Foxes will try to catch raccoon kits or young raccoons, which are about the size of a rabbit.

Foxes live by themselves they don’t live in groups like wolves or coyotes do. Because of this, a fox probably won’t attack a raccoon all the time. It will only attack an old, sick raccoon or a raccoon that is very young.

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Raccoon predators - Bobcat


Bobcats are skilled hunters that can take down prey larger than themselves. They are also known to hunt raccoons. Bobcats hunt raccoons stealthily and patiently. They stalk their target from afar, waiting to strike. Bobcats hunt raccoons whenever they can.

They may ambush a foraging raccoon or try to catch one between trees. Bobcats kill their prey quickly by biting the neck or head with their keen teeth and claws. They may also use their claws to restrain prey as they finish it off. The bobcat normally drags the dead raccoon to a quiet place to eat.

Raccoon predators - Wolf


Wolves are top predators that can take down large prey such as elk and moose. Wolves are the largest Canidae dogs. While raccoons may seem small in comparison, they are still a potential food source for wolves.

Wolves and raccoons may share habitats. When hunting, wolf packs rarely bother with raccoons. They prefer larger prey. A wolf can only hunt down a raccoon when hunting alone.

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Raccoon predators - Cougar

Mountain Lions

Mountain lions (cougars) hunt deer and other large prey. They also hunt raccoons. Mountain lions balance the food chain as top predators. Mountain lions may hunt raccoons, even though they are not a primary food source for them.

Mountain lions hunt alone at night using their excellent sight, smell, and hearing. They stalk raccoons from afar before pouncing.

Raccoon predators - Eagle


Eagles are birds of prey that are known for their powerful talons and sharp beaks. While they primarily hunt fish, they will also take small mammals such as raccoons. In these cases, the eagle would likely swoop down from above and use its powerful talons to grab the raccoon and carry it away to a safe spot where it can eat its prey.

Raccoon predators - Owl


Owls are skilled hunters that are capable of catching a wide variety of prey, including small mammals such as rats, mice, and rabbits. While it is possible for some species of owls to prey on raccoons, it is not a common occurrence.

Great horned owls are North America’s largest owls and powerful hunters with sharp talons and strong beaks. They can kill larger prey like skunks, opossums, and even cats. Great horned owls use stealth and agility to catch raccoons. They often swoop down and use their powerful talons to grab the raccoon to feed on it.

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Raccoon predators - Snake


Depending on the species, some snakes are capable of preying on raccoons. Larger snakes such as pythons, anacondas, and some species of rattlesnakes have been known to eat small mammals like raccoons. Snakes typically ambush their prey, using their strong jaws and constriction to subdue them. They will swallow their prey whole.

Raccoon predators - Alligator


Alligators are apex predators that can take down a wide variety of prey, including raccoons. Alligators are typically found in wetlands and near rivers or lakes, where they will wait for prey to come to them. They will then use their powerful jaws and sharp teeth to deliver a fatal bite to their prey before dragging it underwater to consume it.

Raccoon predators - Cat

Domestic Cats

Domestic cats are known for their hunting prowess and will often hunt small mammals such as mice, rats, and squirrels. While raccoons are much larger than the typical prey of domestic cats, there have been cases of cats attacking and killing young or sick raccoons.

However, it is important to note that domestic cats are not native predators of North America, and outdoor cats can pose a significant threat to wildlife populations.

Raccoon predators - Dog

Domestic Dogs

Dogs are also known for their hunting abilities and may prey on raccoons if given the opportunity. Some hunting breeds, such as coonhounds, are specifically bred to hunt raccoons.

However, dogs can also pose a threat to raccoons if they are not properly controlled or kept on a leash. Uncontrolled dogs can chase and attack raccoons, causing harm to both the dog and the raccoon.

Raccoon in cage


While humans are not the natural predators of raccoons, they can still pose a threat to their survival. Humans may hunt raccoons for their fur or as a form of pest control, and they may also inadvertently harm or kill raccoons through habitat destruction or vehicle collisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Eats Raccoons in The Forest?

In forested areas, raccoons face a diverse range of predators, including coyotes, foxes, bobcats, owls, and snakes. In addition to these common predators, larger carnivores like cougars, lynx, and bears may also prey on raccoons in the forest.

Do Bobcats Eat Raccoons?

Yes, bobcats are known to prey on raccoons, especially in urban areas where food sources are scarce. Bobcats can hunt raccoons or scavenge their carcasses if they find them. When hunting raccoons, bobcats typically rely on stealth and patience.

They will often stalk their prey from a distance, watching and waiting for the right moment to strike. Bobcats are opportunistic hunters and will take advantage of any chance they get to catch a raccoon. For example, they may ambush a raccoon that is foraging for food or try to catch one that is traveling between trees.

Do Wolves Eat Raccoons?

Yes, wolves are known to prey on raccoons, although it is not a common occurrence. Wolves typically hunt larger prey like deer, elk, and moose, but they may target raccoons if they are hungry and other food sources are scarce.

Do Coyotes Eat Raccoons?

Coyotes are a common predator of raccoons. Coyotes are skilled hunters and can chase down raccoons on the ground, or they may ambush them in trees or bushes. Coyotes are mainly opportunistic in nature.

Do Eagles Eat Raccoons?

Eagles are known to hunt and kill raccoons, although it is not a common occurrence. Bald Eagles and Golden Eagles have been observed hunting and killing raccoons this happens in wooded areas where eagles are more likely to hunt.

Do Alligators Eat Raccoons?

Yes, raccoons are a common meal for alligators. Being predators, alligators will consume anything they can get their paws on. Fish, birds, and small mammals like raccoons will all be on their menu. Often situated in wetlands and close to rivers or lakes, alligators wait for prey to approach them.

Final Thoughts

Raccoons face a wide range of predators in their natural habitats. While some predators, like coyotes and foxes, are common across many regions, others, like bears and alligators, may only be present in certain habitats. Even though raccoons can be eaten, they can carry diseases and parasites that can make people sick.

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