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What Eats Snakes? Top 12 Snake Predators

Snakes are cold-blooded reptiles that can be found in virtually all parts of the world. They may be classified as obligate carnivores, meaning that they have meat as their major diet. Just as snakes are predators to some creatures, they are also prey to some animals that hunt them for food.

Animals That Eat Snakes: 12 Snake Predators

Animals that eat snakes are referred to as ophiophagus, a term that means they hunt and eat snakes as part of their regular diet. See the list of snake predators.


Snake predators - Bobcat

Bobcats are medium-sized wild cats found in North America. These animals are naturally good hunters because of their excellent sense of smell and eyesight. Their thick furry coats also make it hard for snakes to latch on to and inject venom, thereby giving them an edge over their prey.


Snake predators - Mongoose

Mongooses are one of the most common snake predators and can be found in Asia, Europe and Africa. They are majorly immune to snake venom which makes them a deadly predator as bites or attacks from snakes cause them little to no harm.


Snake predators - Wolverine

Wolverines can be found in Europe, North America and Asia. They have been known to kill snakes by biting them in half or crushing them with their powerful jaws.

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Snake predators - Crocodile

These reptiles can be found in Africa, Australia, Asia, and the Americas. Their thick skin prevents them from being poisoned by snake bites. Crocodiles have been known to swallow snakes whole or crush them with their jaws.


Snake predators - Hedgehog

As shocking as it may seem, hedgehogs are also one of a snake’s predators. Due to the pointed spikes surrounding their body, it is almost impossible for snake bites to penetrate their skin.


Snake predators - Opossum

Opossums are well-known predators of snakes and consume both venomous and non-venomous snakes. They have been known to hunt up to 12 species of snakes.


Snake predators - Alligator

Alligators are also one of the animals that eat snakes, especially rattlesnakes and the cottonmouth snake.


Snake predators - Hawk

Most species of hawk, especially the red-tailed hawk are natural predators of snakes. They use their sharp talons to kill their prey and then eat them.

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Secretary Birds

Snake predators - Secretary Bird

This animal is native to Africa and is well known for its ability to kill even the most poisonous snakes. Its features include long legs which it uses to stomp on prey and sharp claws to rip the snake apart.

King Cobra

Snake predators - King Cobra

One of the most dangerous snakes on earth, the King Cobra’s diet is mostly made up of snakes. It prefers to eat non-venomous snakes but can also eat venomous snakes when necessary.

Honey Badgers

Snake predators - Honey Badger

They are medium-sized mammals known for their long claws and sharp teeth. Along with snakes, they also feed on lizards and baby alligators.


Snake predators - Tiger

These big cats have been known to occasionally feed on medium to large-sized snakes such as black mambas and pythons. However, their preferred diet consists of animals like deer, wild boars, and wild pigs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Eats Snakes in the Rainforest?

Snakes in the rainforest are prey to a number of animals that inhabit the rainforest. They include tigers, saltwater crocodiles, red-tailed hawks, Mongooses and the King Cobra.

What Eats Snakes in the Desert?

Snakes in the desert are hunted by predators such as coyotes, eagles, hawks, roadrunners and bobcats. These animals hunt and kill snakes for their food.

Are Snakes Apex Predators?

Snakes are not apex predators because there are many animals that prey on them. Apex predators are typically at the top of the food chain and have no natural predators. However, some species of snakes may be classified as apex predators, one of which is the King Cobra.

What Bird Eats Snakes?

Birds that eat snakes include the red-tailed hawk, owls, laughing falcons and secretary birds. Most of these birds are natural predators of snakes and enjoy eating a wide variety of snake species.

Do Cats Eat Snakes?

Cats have been known to kill and eat snakes. Cats can serve as a good deterrent for snakes, especially garter snakes and the gopher snake. However, snake venom can be dangerous to cats and is capable of killing them.

Can You Eat Snake Eggs?

Yes, you can eat snake eggs. Snake eggs are suitable for human consumption when cooked properly. They can be boiled, fried or smoked and have been said to contain a range of minerals and vitamins.

Do Lions Eat Snakes?

Lions do not eat snakes as they prefer to hunt larger animals like zebras, antelopes and wildebeests. However, they would attack and kill a snake if they came across one.

Do Moose Eat Snakes?

Mooses are not known to eat snakes. The world’s largest specie of deer, mooses are generally herbivores and eat forest shrubs, twigs, leaves, and barks.

Do Lizards Eat Snakes?

Lizards are not known for eating snakes. They prefer to feed on insects like crickets, spiders, termites and moths. However, larger species of lizards such as the monitor lizard have been known to eat snakes.

Do Tigers Eat Snakes?

Yes, tigers are capable of eating snakes. However, this does not happen frequently as they prefer to eat larger animals such as wildebeests and zebras.

Can a Ferret Kill a Snake?

Ferrets are capable of killing and also eating snakes. The ferret’s teeth are sharp enough to penetrate even the thickest snake skin and they kill snakes by inflicting damage on them through ferocious bites.

Do Bears Eat Snakes?

Bears do not normally eat snakes. On the contrary, they have been known to avoid snakes. However, in rare occurrences, a bear will eat a snake if confronted by one.

Do Foxes Eat Snakes?

Yes, foxes eat snakes. Foxes eat a number of animals including snakes, rabbits, rodents, and birds. Snakes such as rattlesnakes, black rat snakes and garter snakes are usually common prey for foxes.

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