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What Eats Tigers? – Top Tigers Predators

Tigers are highly considered apex predators with generally no natural predators from the wild. However, several circumstances make the predator the unlikely prey. Tigers can be exposed to threats from other carnivores. We will discuss the predators of tigers and how they become vulnerable to them.

Do Tigers Have Predators?

Yes, tigers have predators. Humans, bears, elephants, leopards, crocodiles, dholes, and even other tigers are predators to them.

Many think tigers do not have predators due to their strength and size, but that is not true. Tiger cubs are more vulnerable than their parent as they attract predators like snakes, hyenas, crocodiles, wild dogs, and more.

Are Tigers Apex Predators?

Tigers are apex predators that prey on ungulates like pigs, cattle, deer, tapirs, sheep, giraffes, and bovids. Tigers are social animals that are territorial and live solitary, requiring them to be in a large habitat with lots of ungulates. This helps them to play their role in the ecosystem by controlling the consumption of vegetation by ungulates.

Tiger Predators: What Animals Can Kill a Tiger?


Tiger hunting

Historically, tigers are hunted for their bones, fur, genitals, and teeth. Some people even eat tiger meat in places like Asia.

Healers use tiger bones to prepare medicines and would recommend the genitals to people who have aphrodisiac issues. Although the government put laws that protect tigers, people still go after them as it would bring them lots of money.


Tiger predators - Elephant

Elephants are very emotional animals that grieve when they lose a member of their herd and can become very angry during such a situation. Tigers attack their young ones, which can anger adult elephants, causing them to stomp and crush the perpetrator.


Tiger predators - Crocodile

The crocodile jaw power equips them to kill strong animals like tigers. Although the crocodile would not go out looking for tigers to eat, it would not hesitate when it got the chance. If a tiger and crocodile engage in a battle, the water animal will emerge victorious.


Tiger predators - Dhole

This wild dog moves in a pack and can easily outnumber an injured or sick tiger. Dholes also go after tiger cubs when they have the opportunity. This wild dog from Asia is very athletic, making them good at running, swimming, and jumping. These skills further equip them to hunt and defend their pack.


Tiger predators - Bear

A brown bear weighs over 700 pounds which it can use to conquer a tiger. They also have sharp teeth, claws, and a powerful jaw, making them strong predators. These bears are fond of stealing tiger’s kill, which can result in a fight that can be fatal for the weaker animal.


Tiger predators - Leopard

Leopards sometimes share the same habitat as tigers, leaving them with the same prey and hunting ground. This competition for dominance leads to confrontation and fighting, with leopards coming on top sometimes.

As opportunist hunters, leopards sometimes go after tiger cubs which can be fatal for the young one if their parents are far away. Adult tigers are bigger and stronger than leopards and can defeat them in a fight.

Other Tigers

Tigers fight

When tigers are two years old, they leave their mother to form their territory and forget family bonds. As territorial and solitary animals, if another tiger comes to their habitat, they would try to devise a defense that can result in a fight and be fatal for the weaker one.

Do People Eat Tigers?

Yes, people eat tigers in places like Asia. Tiger meat is a special delicacy in Asia countries, and people that can afford it go it. These countries have tiger farms known to sell meat.

Some people in China even use tiger parts for herbal medicines. Although it is illegal and unusual for people to eat this meat, some don’t care and wouldn’t mind breaking the law for money.

Do Tigers Eat Their Young?

Yes, tigers eat their young ones. A tigress can eat its young cubs if they are disabled, have strange behavior, or if they want to reduce the number to suit their capacity. The father tiger can kill and eat a young one that starts to eye its mother for mating opportunities.

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