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What Makes A Golf Course Holiday-Worthy: Key Features To Look For

Nothing can quite match the thrill of stepping onto the pristine green of an awe-inspiring golf course. The camaraderie among fellow golfers, the warmth of the sun’s gentle rays, and the satisfaction of a well-executed swing all contribute to the allure of golf. 

Now, envision converting this passion into a captivating vacation experience. That’s precisely what a golf course holiday provides. This type of getaway seamlessly blends relaxation, sightseeing, and golf, offering opportunities to explore new locales, experience distinct cultures, and enhance your golfing skills.  

However, creating a memorable golf course holiday relies on meticulous planning and identifying key features that make a golf course worth visiting. 

The Layout And Challenge Of The Course 

The initial step in planning golf holidays involves carefully examining the golf course’s layout. Each course presents unique challenges and characteristics, significantly impacting one’s golfing experience. A course laden with diverse hole layouts, varied terrains, and strategic hazard placements can stimulate and add excitement to your game. 

However, it’s crucial to consider one’s skill level when assessing a course. For beginners, a complex championship course might prove overwhelming, while seasoned players may find a straightforward, less challenging course somewhat uninspiring. Striking a balance between the course’s difficulty and skill level is critical to thoroughly enjoying your golfing holiday. 

Condition And Maintenance 

The overall condition of the golf course plays a vital role in determining a satisfying game. Immaculate fairways, well-tended greens, and clean bunkers contribute to a high-quality golfing experience. Therefore, it’s imperative to investigate how frequently the course is maintained, how promptly damages are repaired, and the general cleanliness of the environment in advance. 

A well-groomed course not only provides a superior playing experience but also offers visual delight. Being surrounded by lush landscapes, manicured lawns, and clear waters is part of a golf holiday’s charm. Thus, never underestimate the importance of an aesthetically pleasing course. 

Man at a golf club

Accessibility And Location 

Location plays a critical role in your golf holiday experience. Is the golf course conveniently accessible from your accommodation? Is it situated near other tourist attractions or activities that interest you? Aligning the course’s location with your holiday plans can significantly enhance your overall experience. 

Furthermore, the surrounding landscape and scenic views the golf course offers can enrich your golf holiday. Whether it is perched overlooking an ocean, nestled in a verdant valley, or tucked within a dense forest, the setting can significantly enhance your golfing experience. 

Facilities And Amenities 

The facilities offered by a golf course can enhance your holiday experience. Availability of club rentals, practice facilities such as driving ranges and putting greens, and golf cart rentals can enhance the convenience and enjoyment of your golf holiday. 

Additionally, amenities like a pro shop, locker rooms, and dining options add extra comfort to your holiday. These services save you the hassle of planning every minor detail, allowing you to focus more on your game and relaxation. 

Accommodation Options 

The type of accommodation near the golf course can significantly affect your holiday experience. Whether it’s a luxurious resort or a cozy boutique hotel, choosing a place that matches your comfort preferences and budget is crucial. 

Also, consider the proximity of the accommodation to the course. A daily commute from a distant location can be tiresome, while accommodations on or near the course provide easy access to the greens and additional facilities such as a spa, gym, or swimming pool. 

Tee Time Availability 

When planning your golf holiday, consider the availability of tee times. Popular golf courses can be fully booked months in advance, particularly during peak seasons. Check the tee time policy of the golf course and make reservations well in advance to avoid disappointment. 

Some courses may offer off-peak or twilight rates, allowing you to play at reduced prices. These options can make your golf holiday more flexible and budget-friendly. 

Local Climate 

The weather and climate have a significant influence on any golf holiday. Ensure the destination’s environment is conducive to golfing during your visit. Pay attention to the average temperature, rainfall, and wind conditions.  

A destination with a mild and dry climate is generally ideal for golf. However, remember to check the forecast closer to your departure date and pack accordingly. 

Golfer having a holiday

Customer Service 

Exceptional customer service can elevate your golf holiday from good to great. Courteous and professional staff, well-informed caddies, and responsive customer service can enhance your overall golfing experience.  

Look for reviews and testimonials about the golf course staff’s professionalism, efficiency, and knowledge. Top-notch customer service ensures a smooth, hassle-free golfing holiday. 

Reputation And Reviews 

Consider the reputation of the golf course. What are other golfers saying about their experiences there? Reviews can provide valuable insights into the course’s condition, the quality of the staff’s service, and the overall experience. 

Any accolades or recognition the course has received are also worth considering. While not the sole determinant of a good golf course, awards can provide some assurance about the quality of the course and the experience it offers. 


An often overlooked yet vital factor in planning a golf holiday is cost. Ensure that the total cost—including green fees, accommodation, food, and other expenses—fits within your budget. Remember, a memorable golf holiday doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. 

Comparing costs among several potential destinations can help you find the best value for your money. Look for golf holiday packages that offer reduced rates and bundled services. 

Cultural Experiences And Local Attractions 

Finally, while the golf course is the centerpiece of your holiday, it’s worthwhile to consider the destination’s cultural experiences and local attractions. These additional elements can enhance your holiday experience, offering valuable opportunities for rest days or for family members who may not share your enthusiasm for golf. 

Choose destinations with historical sites, local festivals, natural beauty, or unique dining experiences. For example, if you’re planning a golf holiday in St Andrews, Scotland, the ‘Home of Golf, you’ll not only have access to some of the world’s oldest and most esteemed golf courses.  

You can also explore the town’s rich history, visit the stunning St Andrews Cathedral, or even experience the traditional Highland Games. Incorporating these cultural and local attractions into your itinerary can add a new dimension to your golf holiday, making it truly unforgettable. 


Planning a golf course holiday requires careful thought and consideration. Striking the right balance between the thrill of the game, the allure of new places, the comfort of luxurious amenities, and the practical aspects of cost and accessibility are crucial. 

By focusing on the layout and challenge of the course, its condition and maintenance, location and accessibility, facilities and amenities, accommodation options, tee time availability, local climate, customer service, reputation, and cost, you can craft a memorable and enjoyable golfing trip. Your ideal golf course holiday is not a dream; it can become a delightful reality with careful planning. 

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