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Why A Cruise Is One Of The Best Ways To Explore Europe

Europe is a continent rich in culture, history, and a wide variety of lifestyles. From the laid back vibes of the Mediterranean to the outdoor lifestyles of the Nordic countries. There’s much to see, explore and experience.

From West to East and North to South, each region of Europe offers something different and each will appeal to different travellers’ tastes and styles.

Exploring the continent by cruise is one of the best ways to see everything it has to offer, ticking off a long list of sights, landmarks and activities from your dream travel bucket list. 

A Sunny Summer in the Mediterranean

With countries like Spain, France, Italy and Greece lining the Mediterranean, it is no wonder that a Mediterranean cruise is such a popular choice.

Allowing you to discover some of the most beautiful and sought after destinations in the entire world, you will see famous landmarks, thousands of years old, enjoy amazing dishes, and bask in the wonderful Mediterranean sunshine that is embraced by millions of people every year. 

Explore the Great Outdoors in Northern Europe 

Unlock a world of wonder and explore the great outdoors on a Northern European cruise. The perfect way to explore the many great countries that make up this region. From Norway to Denmark and Sweden.

A Northern European adventure will satisfy your desire to see natural wonders, potentially even the Aurora Borealis, if you are lucky enough to catch it at the right time! From a Norwegian Fjords cruise to the mountains and waterfalls of Iceland, Northern Europe is an incredible part of the world with much to explore, see and experience. 

Cruise in Portugal

Discover the History and Culture of the Baltics

Alternatively step onboard a Baltics cruise and adventure through the rich history of old Baltic Sea towns in the likes of Estonia. Visit old Gothic buildings and UNESCO World Heritage sites. Unlocking the incredibly rich and diverse history this region has to offer.

With many of the major cruise lines also stopping in cities like Amsterdam and Helsinki to give you a great insight into the culture of a vast array of European countries. 

The Benefits of Cruising Around Europe 

From the moment you step aboard a cruise you will be welcomed onto a modern and luxurious vessel, fit to house you as you navigate through the continent. Some of the many reasons why travellers opt to explore Europe by cruise includes: 

  • Simplicity and stress-free travel mean you don’t have to worry about flights, hotels, taxis and more. Cruises are designed to allow you maximum time for relaxation, whilst also exploring new destinations around the world. 
  • You only have to pack once, for those who hate packing and unpacking suitcases, cruising is the best form of travel. Simply pack for each port, put your case in your stateroom and leave it there for the duration. 
  • Smaller cruise ships can dock in less-ventured ports, giving you a taste of hidden European treasures. 
  • A cruise itinerary is packed with shore excursions and activities to choose from. Ensuring you don’t miss out on seeing a single thing during your trip. 
  • A cruise allows you to tick off a vast number of countries in one trip. The perfect way to explore the majority of the continent. Particularly if this is a once in a lifetime trip for you. 

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