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Are Beavers Friendly and Can Beavers Be Kept as Pets?

Beavers look like the perfect rodent pet to keep. It looks like a different breed of rabbit and possesses that cute look that draws you to give it a rub on its head. But it is all an illusion. Beavers are wild rodents and specialize in aggressive defensive mechanisms to protect themselves.

While you may have all the good intentions when you see them in your backyard, the reality is that they will mostly see you as a threat and would not hesitate to harm you with their sharp razor teeth If they feel cornered.

The next few sections will discuss the nature of beavers and their instincts towards humans to determine if they are good pet choices.

Are Beavers Friendly to Humans?

Beavers are not friendly to humans. They are naturally wild with territorial behaviors, meaning they see encroaching animals and humans in the same light: Threats. Even if you have the best intention when you see a beaver in the wild or close to a lake, understand that it doesn’t need your friendship or love.

Your harmless approach towards it will be interpreted as harmful and threatening and will scare it away. However, if it does not have an exit to escape as you approach it, it will likely attack you with its sharp razor teeth or claws.

So avoid them as much as they would like to avoid you. That is the best relationship you can have with these highly intelligent and dangerous rodents.

Are Beavers Nice?

Beavers are not nice to humans because they have not evolved to like us. Beavers have predators. When they see us, they naturally exhibit fear and caution and will often take off when we sight them. However, if we try to get close to them and they have no way to escape, they will defend themselves with everything, and when they do that, we are the ones who often come out worse.

They know how to use their sharp teeth and claws perfectly, and our slower movement compared to theirs does not make our case any better. In a fair fight with beavers, we will likely come up as second best, with many injuries for our troubles.

Are beavers friendly - with human

Another reason to never consider beavers nice animals is their high propensity to contract rabies. Beavers with the virus are often very aggressive and are likely to attack without provocation. Rabies is a very dangerous disease with a very high mortality rate among humans. If you are unvaccinated and get bit by an infected beaver, you will need urgent medical care.

Since you cannot tell an infected beaver from the other, you should keep your distance when dealing with them.

Do Beavers Make Good Pets?

It is a bad idea to keep beavers as pets. They do not like captivity and naturally flourish with other beavers. Keeping a beaver as a pet is a recipe for disaster, as it will likely harm you at one point. Do not try to keep a beaver as a pet because it will eventually turn out badly.

Can You Train a Beaver to Become a Good Pet?

No. You cannot train a beaver to become a good or kind pet. It is naturally wild with tendencies to attack perceived threats, including humans and animals.

In the United States, it is illegal to keep beavers as a pet because of the danger they pose despite looking cute. They are also a menace as they will chew on every wooden piece of furniture they can find in your home. Do not keep a beaver as a pet.

Are Beavers Friendly With Each Other?

Beavers are social animals which means that they enjoy each other’s company. They groom their young together, eat, build their own homes, and share responsibilities. They look out for themselves and often send warnings anytime there is an approaching danger by slapping their tail on the water where they live.

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