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Top 5 Essentials for Student Camping Success: Your Ultimate Guide

Camping as a student is just like any other type of camping with the only exception of having to manage homework duties, especially if you plan some trip during the low season or wish to get away throughout the academic year.

This aspect is unique to students who may have to pack all the essentials but forget about the necessity of getting their virtual campus checked from time to time.

If you just want to escape, here are some helpful tips and tricks that will make your experience a success! So fasten the virtual belts, and let’s explore the basics! 

Top 5 Essentials for Student Camping Success

1. Packing All The Right Gear! 

While it will depend on the time of the year and the proximity to the nearest village or city, take your time to think about quality tents, sleeping bags, and backpacks that can fit all the necessary items.

You can also consider pop-up tents that are not too difficult to set up if you have never done that before. Just make sure to explore the area first and learn how the zips work, so you can avoid sleeping with the bugs and other curious visitors.

Now, it’s also advisable to do your homework in advance in case there is no Internet in the area. If you are in a hurry and somewhere in the UK, approach an essay writing service near London and get your challenges under control with an expert’s help. When you submit everything on time, you will have fewer things to worry about! 

2 friends around a campfire

2. Never Ignore The Bug Spray! 

Unfortunately, camping often comes with mosquitos and other insects that you would not wish to see or hear. Therefore, you must check for fresh bug spray and use some lotions before you embark on a camping trip. If you are allergic, make sure to have your medication always by your side and avoid camping on your own.

Another good idea is to spray your camping tent with bug spray, so you can have some peace and get some sleep. It is also possible to alternate between electronic devices and candles that work like bug repellants, so make sure to check what’s available at the local drug stores. 

3. A Firestarter Kit Must Be There! 

Since most of us will camp in a deserted place, having a firestarter kit can become an essential item. After all, it helps you to cook something and stay safe without looking for things or starving until the moment you find someone else. Regarding cooking, think about vegetables and meat, so you can mix them as you cook over the fire.

Just remember to ask for permission before starting the fire and always put out the fire to keep the area safe. Sometimes, starting a fire may not be allowed, so double-check with the locals before you go! 

4. Pack Extra Clothes and Toolkits! 

Remember that it often gets much colder at night, so getting an extra sweater and wool socks might be a great option to consider! The same is true for bringing a box of tools along with you, so you can fix things or set up a tent by cutting something or adjusting the ropes. Adding a warm blanket might take some space, yet it always pays off during the colder nights! 

5. Finding The Right Spot and Permissions! 

Make sure to reserve your camping spot early and talk to a group of friends, as you may be eligible for discounts as a student. The most important is to ask for permission to set up a tent and study a list of things you should not do.

Following all the rules is essential to keep wildlife safe and avoid pollution of the waters. If you are unsure where to go, you can talk to your academic advisor or join a local scouting group to ask for tips that they will happily provide you with. 

Person camping at sunrise

Student Discounts and Travel Cards

Of course, it will depend on where you live and the places that you wish to visit. If you are somewhere in the UK, you should consider a Student Oyster photocard, provided you are older than eight years old. It helps you to save 30% on bus and tram travel, which can be useful to get to the camping location of your choice in the UK.

There is also an option to pay as you go, yet it won’t add the 30% discount. You can also use the Railcard app to receive various discounts and plan your train travels through the country, which is something to consider before you outline your camping trip or look for the tickets to get to a nice travel spot! 

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