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Why You Need To Get Your Bike Serviced Before Summer

With summer fast approaching, many families will start thinking about getting their bikes out of storage and ready for plenty of rides in the sunshine. The problem is, you could find that those bikes aren’t looking their best after months of storage and neglect. There could be a a host of underlying issues too. This is why it’s time to get your bike serviced at one of your local bike shops.

Why Should You Service Your Bike Before Summer?

How long has it been since you last rode your bike? It’s probably been a while, and you might not have left it in the best condition. The last thing you need is to find it dirty, broken, or unsafe to ride just before a big trip. At best, it might just need a good clean to get rid of the dirt, dust, and cobwebs that accumulated from months in storage.

At worst, there could be some serious issues with rust, chain issues, or deterioration of the brakes. The best thing to do is to get your bike checked out at a local bike shop, like Austin bike shop Sun & Ski Sports. This goes for any kids’ bikes too. That way, you can all go out riding as long and as far as you like over the summer through the local trails.

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10 Important Bike Checks And Repairs Before The Summer


The brakes are one of the most essential components of the bike. If they aren’t in good condition, you won’t get the stopping power you need on steep descents or in emergencies. Thin brake pads need replacing, and loose brakes need to be realigned. It is also worth checking that the brake lever is in the right place ergonomically and still responsive.


A good set of tires is also crucial on any bike. The style of tires will vary between mountain bikes and road bikes, so it’s important to have the right kind. Tires that are low on air need to be reinflated. This allows for the right response and increased safety on the bike trail. Old and worn tires need to be replaced entirely.


It isn’t just the tires that are important. They need to fit securely on the right set of wheels. Some riders may take this opportunity to upgrade to 29er wheels for better performance. If you want to stick with the same wheels, make sure they are clean and rust-free and that the spokes aren’t damaged.


The chain is one of the more problematic components while out riding. You don’t want it breaking or slipping because it is weak, misaligned, or poorly lubricated. A quick check and some basic maintenance should have this at its best in no time.


It is a similar situation with the gears. These can become problematic after a season in storage because of dirt, rust, and other mechanism problems. It helps to give them a good clean and test-run to ensure they are fully functional and responsive.


The cables are another important feature as they allow for the cause and effect of the brakes. However, these can become damaged through overuse and mistreatment over time. Once you have determined that they are, in fact, still in full working order, you can think about adding some cable management to keep them tidy and out of harm’s way.


The handlebar needs to sit in its post at the right alignment for reliable steering. There is a chance that it is a little off-center if it suffered damage or rough handling in storage. Check that everything is in the right place. This includes the handlebar height and its security. From there, you can also look at cleaning and/or replacing the grip tape to make it more appealing.

Seat Post

The seat post will need similar work to make sure it is in the right place and isn’t a safety risk. You don’t want to find that it has rusted in the wrong position or the post is far too wobbly to use.


Once the seat post is sorted out, you can also look at the saddle itself. Seats in poor condition aren’t going to be as comfortable and supportive on long rides. Any with holes and missing covers could be at risk of further damage and mold. If so, look at getting a replacement.


Finally, you might want to take some time to check the accessories on the bike. Does your kid’s bike still have a functional bell and basket, or are they past their best? Are there still enough reflectors on any road bikes? Is there anything else you wish you had for the season ahead?

Bicycle gears and chain

Test Riding Your Bike Before The Big Ride

Once all of these issues have been taken care of – either through a professional service or a DIY clean – you need to have a test ride. Everything may look like it’s in better condition and nicely aligned, but you can’t know for sure until you are on the bike. That’s the only way to know if the seat post and pedals are completely secure and if the steering is where it needs to be.

Getting Your Bike Serviced By Professionals

A professional bike service can help you get the results you need in the safest way possible. A comprehensive package will go over everything so you don’t miss any crucial red flags. They also have all the right tools and products at hand for the best results. This means high-quality lubricants, new brake pads, and maybe a full set of replacement tires if needed.

Some bike owners may decide to bypass the professional option and go down the DIY route. The problem here is that you may not have everything you need for the same high-end result. It’s too easy to cut corners to save money, which could be a safety risk later on.

It’s important to work with bike shops you know you can trust. That means checking bike shops and rentals for their years of experience, credentials, and user testimonials. If a company has people coming back each year for a full-scale tune-up, or for more regular work on their road bikes, you have someone reliable.

In the end, it is worth the extra expense and time to have an expert bike shop give your bike a tune-up. The more comprehensive the package, the more they can check and ultimately fix. You can then be more sure of a roadworthy bike you can rely on for the rest of the season.

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