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21 Mammals That Start With J

Embark on an exciting exploration of the diverse and captivating mammals that start with the letter ‘J’. This segment of our alphabetic series unveils a world where the agile Jackal roams the savannas and the majestic Jaguar prowls the rainforests.

From the treetops inhabited by the Javan Langur to the deserts where the Jerboa makes its home, this collection showcases a remarkable range of adaptations and environments.

In this article, we spotlight the lesser-known J mammals alongside the celebrated ones. Discover the unique traits of the Japanese Macaque, delve into the world of the Jungle Cat, and learn about the conservation status of the Javan Rhinoceros. Each species offers a unique glimpse into the richness and complexity of mammalian life.

Whether you’re a wildlife aficionado or just curious about nature, this journey through the world of ‘J’ mammals is sure to captivate and enlighten.

List of Mammals That Start With J

  • Jackal
  • Jackrabbit
  • Jaguar
  • Jaguarundi
  • Jamaican Fruit Bat
  • Japanese Macaque
  • Japanese Squirrel
  • Java Mouse-deer
  • Javan Ferret-Badger
  • Javan Langur
  • Javan Pig
  • Javan Rhinoceros
  • Javan Tree Shrew
  • Jenkins’ Shrew
  • Jerboa
  • Jico Deer Mouse
  • Johnstone’s Fruit Bat
  • Jujube Fruit Bat
  • Jumping Mouse
  • Junin Red Squirrel
  • Jungle Cat

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