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13 Mammals That Start With Y

Step into the less trodden paths of the mammalian world with our exploration of mammals that start with the letter ‘Y’. Although not a common initial for animal names, this segment of our alphabetical series reveals a small yet fascinating group of species.

From the sturdy Yak of Central Asia’s highlands to the agile Yellow-Throated Marten, the ‘Y’ mammals offer a glimpse into diverse lifestyles and adaptations.

In this article, we explore an array of ‘Y’ mammals, including the lesser-known Yapok, a unique aquatic opossum, and the Yellow-Bellied Marmot, a burrow-dwelling rodent. Each of these animals showcases the adaptability and variety within the mammalian class, thriving in different environments across the globe.

Join us as we delve into the world of ‘Y’ mammals, uncovering the unique characteristics and ecological roles of these species. Ideal for wildlife enthusiasts and curious minds, this journey promises to be both educational and intriguing, providing insights into some of nature’s more obscure yet equally captivating creatures.

List of Mammals That Start With Y

  • Yak
  • Yapok (Water Opossum)
  • Yarkand Hare
  • Yellow Ground Squirrel
  • Yellow Mongoose
  • Yellow-Backed Duiker
  • Yellow-Bellied Marmot
  • Yellow-Footed Antechinus
  • Yellow-Throated Marten
  • Yellow-Winged Bat
  • Yemeni Mouse-tailed Bat
  • Yucatan Squirrel
  • Yukon Wolf (Interior Alaskan Wolf)

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