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Pyramid Lake: Enjoy the Great Outdoors with These Fun Activities

People today think the only way to enjoy themselves is to utilize some kind of technology. However, there’s so much more that you can do outside of the internet and away from tech. This post’s intention is to explore one specific location, Pyramid Lake, Nevada, one of the best fishing spots in the entire nation.

If you are interested in breaking free from the shackles of modernity and technology, keep reading, as you’ll find out exactly what you need to do right here, as well as learn about a few different things offered by service providers and business owners there.


Fishing is one of the most popular activities undertaken at Pyramid Lake, for obvious reasons. There are a huge number of fish present in the lake and a vast number of different species.

If you are interested in going fishing there, consider learning about the best fishing techniques at Pyramid Lake, which include fly fishing, an extremely popular style. If you are planning on trying out fly fishing, then you need to make sure you hire a professional charter (provided it’s not something you are previously familiar with).

Alternatively, you can take a boat charter out on the lake and fish from the side of the yacht. You need to conduct extensive research if you are planning on hiring a boat, so you can find the best package there is. There are lots of different captains offering charters onto Pyramid Lake, so find the one that has the best reviews and the most experience in fishing.

An inexperienced fishing captain is going to lead to you having a very unfulfilling, boring time. Reviews can tell you everything that you need to know about a particular chartering company or boat captain.

Person fishing


Kayaking is also something that’s worth considering if you are planning a day out to Pyramid Lake. The reason for this is that kayaking enables people to explore the lake without a professional’s supervision. Of course, kayaking is only something that you should consider if you have experience in it.

Under no circumstances should beginners attempt to go kayaking on a lake as large as Pyramid Lake. A good way to get started kayaking is to take classes or to start kayaking on small streams and brooks. You will need to know how to swim if you are planning on kayaking.

Something that you might want to consider is going fishing from the side of a kayak. Fishing from the side of a kayak can be a fantastic way to enjoy yourself. You can go out with your loved ones on multiple kayaks and spend the entire day on the lake.

Individuals who are interested on kayaking in groups should first see if it is allowed at the time that they plan on visiting. You need to make sure that your loved ones are equally as knowledgeable and talented as it relates to kayaks as you are before going out.


Pyramid Lake is an extremely large lake. Around it, there are numerous walking trails. Many regard it to be Nevada’s most beautiful lake (which is saying a lot, since Nevada is a state that’s overflowing with gorgeous natural sights). If you are planning on going walking you need to make sure that you have the right equipment.

This is true for the other things mentioned in this post also. If you’re planning on going fishing then you need to have professional fishing equipment. If you want to go kayaking, you need to make sure you have a high-quality kayak. Walking equipment is the most affordable of all of these. All you need is a good pair of shoes and comfortable clothes.

If you are going walking, you also need to plan your route out in advance. Planning your walking route in advance will help you to increase your chances of having a good time and not getting lost.

Getting lost hiking around Pyramid Lake isn’t easy but can happen, especially if you veer off of trails and head out into the wilderness that surrounds the lake. Consider downloading a GPS app on your phone to stop yourself from getting lost.

Pyramid Lake in Nevada


Finally, if you like slow hobbies, birdwatching is worth considering. There are lots of different species of birds living in the area around Pyramid Lake.

You do not need to buy any special equipment (other than some binoculars) to go birdwatching. If you’re planning on going, make sure that you do some research and educate yourself about different types of birds first.

Final Thoughts

Pyramid Lake is a great place to go for a fun day out. There are lots of things to do there, even beyond the ones mentioned here. Make sure that you get the right equipment before performing any of them.

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