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The Best Campervan Route For Los Angeles

Are you planning to travel across Los Angeles in a campervan and unsure which route to take? Finding the best way to make the most of your trip can be tricky, but it doesn’t need to be. 

Today, we have teamed up with Travellers Autobarn to bring you the best campervan routes in Los Angeles. No matter what sights you want, we have a route that suits you. Keep reading to see your options today. 

Campervan Routes In Los Angeles 

Below, we have outlined some of the best campervan routes in Los Angeles. We have included the roads to take, where you can stop, and some points of interest to help you select the perfect route. 

Southern California Coast 

This trip is popular for those who want to enjoy the coastline. Along this route, you can find some of the best foods and wine farms, making it ideal for food lovers or couples looking for a romantic trip. You can expect beautiful beaches, nature paths, and a stunning backdrop of mountains as you drive. 

You can take Highway 101 and Highway 1, especially if you want places to stop overnight. We recommend the following route: 

  • Stop 1 – Santa Barbara 
  • Stop 2 – San Luis Obispo 
  • Stop 3 – Big Sur 
  • Stop 4 – Monterey 
  • Stop 5 – San Francisco 
  • Stop 6 – Santa Cruz 
  • Stop 7 – Pismo Beach 
  • Stop 8 – Santa Monica
  • Stop 9 – Los Angeles 
Big Sur

Winelands And Valleys 

Wine lovers will adore this trip! You can mix wineries with historical sites and seaside entertainment, too, nicely breaking up your road trip. You will hit Santa Barbara, Monterey, Sonoma, and the famous Napa Valley, where you can sample some of California’s best wines. 

This road trip spans 981 miles, and we recommend that you follow this route: 

  • Stop 1 – Los Angeles to Santa Barbara 
  • Stop 2 – Santa Barbara to Paso Robles 
  • Stop 3 – Paso Robles to Monterey 
  • Stop 4 – Monterey to San Francisco 
  • Stop 5 – San Francisco to Sonoma 
  • Stop 6 – Sonoma to Napa Valley 
  • Stop 7 – Napa Valley to Santa Cruz 
  • Stop 8 – Santa Cruz to Los Angeles 

Wilderness Trail 

Those who love nature and national parks will love this trail! You will start at Joshua Tree National Park before moving onto Palm Springs and Death Valley National Park. You will find plenty to do at these locations, including golf courses, hot springs, and hiking opportunities. The road trip concludes with beaches at Santa Barbara and stunning parks to enjoy on your journey. 

We recommend that you follow the following route: 

  • Stop 1 – Los Angeles to Joshua Tree National Park 
  • Stop 2 – Joshua Tree to Palm Springs 
  • Stop 3 – Palm Springs to Death Valley National Park 
  • Stop 4 – Death Valley to Sequoia National Park
  • Stop 5 – Sequoia to Kings Canyon National Park 
  • Stop 6 – Kings Canyon to Yosemite National Park 
  • Stop 7 – Yosemite to Fresno
  • Stop 8 – Fresno to Santa Barbara 
  • Stop 9 – Santa Barbara to Los Angeles 
Joshua Tree NP

Southwest National Parks 

Should towering rock formations, saltwater lakes, canyons, and desert ecosystems appeal to you, this road trip around Southwest National Parks is the one for you! Like our other trips, you first head to Joshua Tree National Park before heading to the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, and through Utah. 

This is a lengthy trip, travelling over a thousand miles and taking up to three weeks. This is certainly a trip where you will want to build in several stops to make the most of the places you visit. This is a bucket list trip, and to complete it, we recommend the following route: 

  • Stop 1 – Los Angeles to Joshua Tree National Park 
  • Stop 2 – Joshua Tree to Grand Canyon National Park 
  • Stop 3 – Grand Canyon to Monument Valley 
  • Stop 4 – Monument Valley to Arches National Park 
  • Stop 5 – Arches to Canyonlands National Park
  • Stop 6 – Canyonlands to Bryce Canyon National Park 
  • Stop 7 – Bryce Canyon to Zion National Park 
  • Stop 8 – Zion to Las Vegas 
  • Stop 9 – Las Vegas to Los Angeles 

Final Thoughts 

These four road trips allow you to explore a different part of California. Whether you want to explore wineries, climb up mountains for a sunrise, or spend weeks on the road exploring new locations, we have the road trip for you.

Don’t forget to book campsites or RV parks on the way to stop overnight and extend your trip. By doing some planning beforehand and booking some attractions, you can spread the cost and enjoy your road trip across California. 

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