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8 Tips on How to Plan Your Wildlife Holidays

With the holiday season just around the corner, you need to focus on how you can spend quality time with your loved ones and family. Going outdoors for a holiday would be a great idea which would allow you to get rid of the routine schedule.

Choosing wildlife holidays would be a great idea because it allows you to venture outdoors and explore animals and birds and find out more about nature in the world.

Today, you can find many top destinations where you can go for wildlife holidays. Hence, you can make your plans and decide what you want and how you want to spend your time out in nature. 

Here are 8 tips on how you can plan your wildlife holidays and make the most of it. 

Do Your Research

Even before you decide what places you want to cover you must have clarity on how you want to make the most of your holidays. Hence, you need to research some of the best places and destinations that offer excellent wildlife holiday experiences.

Also, if you are relatively new to all this you can look for tour operators that can help you plan your trip. If you are in the UK, you can look for Naturetrek wildlife holidays to help you with planning and customising your holidays in the wild. This would ensure that you can focus on what’s important for you and your loved ones. 

Narrow Your Destinations

While you are scrolling through the list of places and destinations where you can head for a wildlife holiday you would want to narrow down the list to make things easier. Not all wildlife holiday destinations are the same and therefore you must focus on what you want and how you can find certain destinations that can offer you those experiences.

For instance, you can choose Botswana for mokoro rides which offer a unique wildlife experience that is hard to find elsewhere. Similarly, you can also look for destinations that offer you excellent game drives and other activities that you want to do.

Spotting wildlife

Understand the Weather

When you are thinking of wildlife holidays you would also want to evaluate and know more about the weather at the choice of place you want to be. This is essential because the weather can influence nature and also your experiences.

For instance, if you are planning a trip to India to visit one of the many tiger reserves you need to know that most of them are closed for the monsoon season.

Hence, you must be clear about where you are going and the kind of weather you will experience. Also, knowing more information about the weather would make it easier for you to pack right for your wildlife holiday trip.

Know What to Pack

When you are heading for a wildlife trip you must know what to wear and how you can pack right. For this, you must create a list of essential items that you must carry for optimum experience. If you are heading for a safari trip you must carry light clothing with neutral colours that would allow you to blend with the environment.

Also, if you are planning a trip up north you would want to get the layering right to make sure your family is warm and comfortable throughout the trip. You can always look for information online on what to pack to ensure that you can make the most of your luggage space.

Also, you need to look out for the right cameras and lenses and digital accessories like chargers and digital drives which you might want to carry along. 

Monkey on the beach

Book the Right Accommodations

Accommodations can make a huge difference and therefore you must be clear about what type of accommodation you would choose. Different tour operators would provide you with different types of accommodations including camps, lodges, hotel rooms and even luxury cottages packed with all amenities and facilities.

You can choose accommodations based on your budget and the number of people traveling with you. If you are visiting national parks you should look for accommodations close to the national park gate to cut down and optimize your travel time.

Booking accommodations close to main attractions would help you cover more locations at the same time. Similarly, you also have to ensure that you book flight tickets in advance to help you manage your holiday costs. 

Plan Your Itinerary

If you are planning a wildlife holiday trip you would want to plan it well. For instance, if you are visiting Kenya for the first time you can create a perfect first-timer’s itinerary for a holiday in Kenya.

This would ensure that you can do more things the way you prefer. Many travel bloggers share their expertise and itineraries online and you can read them and customize them in your way to make the most of your time.

However, if you prefer not to do it yourself you can always hire a tour operator who would customize a wildlife holiday plan for you and your family. This allows you to skip certain things that you do not want to focus on especially when you are on a short holiday trip.

African wildlife

Focus on Activities

When you are going on a wildlife holiday tour you must focus on various activities that would help you experience something unique. Various tour operators would provide you with different wildlife activities like going for a game drive, mokoro rides, horseback riding, boat tours, ATV rides, bushwalking tours, bird watching tours, hot air balloon tours and even helicopter rides.

This allows you to get closer to the action and know more about the wildlife and nature around you. Many of these tour operators also offer experienced tour guides who share local stories and information to educate and entertain as you explore the area.

Think Beyond Wildlife

It is always a great idea to choose tour operators who focus on sustainable tourism which also involves hiring locals and helping the local communities who live in these regions. Hence, you can choose plans where you get to meet the people from the local community and know more about their routine, culture, traditions and folk stories.

You can enjoy the local food and buy the products that they make and sell. This ensures that you can know a lot more about the people as well apart from the wildlife. 

Final Thoughts

If you are relatively new to how to plan a wildlife holiday tour you can make use of these ideas and focus on what’s best for your family. With the right planning, you can ensure that you can optimize every single day you spend in the wildlife and explore the gifts of Mother Nature in the best possible way.

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