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How To Choose Your Heated Gloves For The Winter?

Winter may be cold but that doesn’t mean you have to spend the entire season sitting by a fire sipping hot tea. Not when there are a number of outdoor activities you can participate in occasionally. Apart from traveling in cold places or in high altitudes, the most obvious winter activity is skiing. But you can also go snowboarding, sledding, snowshoeing, ice skating, and even camping. Yes, winter camping can be a lot of fun especially when you are with your significant other.

You can also go ice fishing, snow tubing, hang out by a bonfire, and of course, do some construction. You can build a snowman! (We are looking at you here Olaf). As you can see, there’s no shortage of activities to do in winter. If you are going to go out in winter, you need to properly dress for the occasion. And one piece of clothing that can make your life a lot better is heated gloves.

The major advantage of heated gloves is that you can control the temperature. This way, you can ensure your hands aren’t too hot or too cold. Buying a pair of quality gloves means your daily life and outdoor activities won’t be affected by any cold weather. Yep, heated gloves are perfect for winter hiking, and also for everyday use.

On this page, we’ll be taking you through a buying guide. This will be especially important to people who have never used a heated glove and don’t know what to look out for. Here, we are going to cover all the important things you need to know and consider when looking for a quality pair of heated gloves. So here we go.

How Do Heated Gloves Work?

There are two types of heated gloves. One type uses a chemical heated element while the heated element of the other is operated by a battery (electric heated gloves).

The gloves on this list are electric. They have an electric heating element and a power source which are batteries. A series of small wires are woven into the material of the gloves. And an electric current passes through the gloves when powered on. This is what actually provided the heat that keeps your hands warm and comfy.

Ok, some people might be freaking out at the mention of electric current. We’ll break it to you, electric heated gloves are totally safe. For one, they won’t be popular if they are not. And no bare wires are exposed eliminating any risk of electric shock.

How To Choose Your Heated Gloves


Just like your regular gloves, heated gloves are made from different materials. It’s not unusual to see a pair of gloves made with multiple materials. The most common materials used are leather, fleece, and polyester.

Polyester is the best material that can be used for the exterior. This is because polyester is waterproof and tough. For the interior, gloves with fleece lining are preferred because keep your hands nice and toasty.

At the end of the day, it’s all about the functionality of the gloves. Some brands may use different materials and still produce products with superb functionalities.

Waterproofing and Battery Compartment

Your heated gloves have to be waterproof or have a very good level of water resistance. This is to avoid water or wet and melted snow penetrating the gloves and reaching your hands. That could cause frostbite which you certainly do not want. A pair of waterproof heated gloves will keep your hands dry, safe, and healthy. The battery compartment must be impermeable to water. Water and batteries do not combine well together.

There is a standard for knowing how waterproof or water-resistant a product is. And that’s the IP rating. Products with ratings of IP65, IP66, and IP67 are generally considered waterproof. However, you’ll hardly see fully waterproof heated gloves.

Water resistance rating is designated IPX1 to IPX9. To ensure your heated gloves have sufficient water resistance capacity, go for those with at least an IPX4 rating.

Best Heated Gloves


Heated gloves are producing heat, keeping your hands warm and cozy. But it’s possible for your hands to start sweating at some point. And if this happens, you’ll start to feel uncomfortable. And this is where breathability comes in.

A membrane or lining is usually incorporated to make heated gloves breathable. Evaporation is sped up and your hands will remain dry and comfy. Just like you want them to be in winter.

Touch Screen Friendly

What would we do without our phones? You might want to use your phones when wearing heated gloves. And it is for this reason that manufacturers have made heated gloves with touch-screen-compatible fingers and palms. This allows you to use your tablets or phones without having to remove the gloves and expose your skin to the cold.

Heating Levels, Temperature, Heating Time

Depending on the model, heated gloves heat up in seconds. There are usually three levels of temperature adjustment – high, medium, and low. This way, you can regulate the temperature and ensure your hands aren’t too hot or too cold. The maximum heating temperature varies between models. But quality heated gloves will keep your hands warm even at sub-zero temperatures.

You also need to check the battery life. If you won’t be staying long outside, then you may not worry too much about battery life. But if you’ll be spending all day cross-country skiing or hiking/trekking, then it makes sense to go for models with longer battery life. And you should also consider getting extra batteries.


The type and capacity of batteries used in heated gloves vary among brands. However, you’ll encounter rechargeable 3.7V and 7.4V batteries more. And these batteries are usually included in the package.

Some brands may utilize regular AA batteries in their gloves. Should you buy such gloves, then you should also buy rechargeable Li-Ion AA batteries. They last longer thereby saving you money.

Battery charging time is also important. Typically, most will charge in just a few hours. The heat setting largely determines how long the battery will last.  A higher heat level will require more power, meaning the battery will drain faster.

How To Wash Heated Gloves?

Heated gloves have electrical components. This makes them more sensitive than regular gloves. And this is why you should NEVER wash heated gloves in a machine. Also, don’t dry them in a clothes dryer or on a heater. Don’t iron them, either.

Hand wash your heated gloves without soaking. Remove dirty spots by scrubbing with cold water and mild detergent. A disinfectant can also be used on the external part if you so desire.

After cleaning, leave the gloves in the air to dry.

Final Thoughts

Heated gloves are all the rage now. And rightly so. A quality pair will make your life in cold weather a lot easier. There is also the added benefit of helping people with poor circulation to the fingers. We are confident that the gloves presented on this page are the very best heated gloves you can find today in 2023. So get yourself a pair and keep your hands toasty warm on the coldest days and nights.

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