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Bungee Jumping in Alaska – Top Places & Operators

There is a special breed of people we call ‘adventure junkies’ or ‘adrenaline junkies’ that are always looking for thrilling, exciting, and potentially dangerous activities to get in. And if you are one of these people or are just looking to try new things, you should consider bungee jumping. However, it’s not for the faint-hearted.

Bungee jumping is an activity that is equally terrifying and exciting. But the fear aspect will mostly be experienced during the first jump. After your first jump, all subsequent jumps will be filled with pure thrill and adrenaline. But the first jump is the most challenging since you must conquer your fear of height and falling headfirst from a tall structure.

Many people think bungee jumping is just about taking the leap. However, the sport is more than that. It’s also about the experience and that’s why you should choose a company that is trusted and has a good track record of safety. The environment of the jump is also important and you can go for jumps that are overhead vegetation, rivers, or beautiful scenery in general.

The popularity of bungee jumping has increased over the years and people are always searching for jumping destinations in their area. If you stay in Alaska, this article is for you. However, there is no bungee jumping destination in Alaska at this time. If this changes, I’ll update this article accordingly. Below, you’ll find other adventure sports that are available in Alaska.

Other Adventure Sports in Alaska

Glacier Trekking

Thanks to the cold climate of Alaska, one of the adventure sports available in the State is glacier trekking. And you should at least try it out at least once if you are staying or visiting the state. Glacier trekking involves walking on a river of frozen ice. You’ll need to wear protective gear and carry an ice axe. Also, you’ll encounter several beautiful scenery on your adventure making the trip worth it.

Sea Kayaking Through Icebergs

Anyone who has paddle on open waters before knows they are a different kind of fun. But sea kayaking in Alaska is even more special. For one, you get to paddle through icebergs and see stunning creatures like whales, otters, and incredible scenery like waterfalls. You may even sight bears on your kayaking expedition and there are guided trips for those who want to paddle as part of a group.

Ice Climbing

Ice climbing involves climbing glaciers and other inclined ice formations. And this is possible in Alaska thanks to the state’s cold climate. Unlike traditional rock climbing, you’ll be doing a lot more swinging and pounding when you go ice climbing. And there are several ice climbing destinations in Alaska. Some of these are frozen waterfalls, cliffs covered with ice refrozen from flows of water, and so on.

Mountain Climbing

Did you know Alaska has all ten of the top ten tallest mountain peaks in the United States? Mountain climbing is very popular in Alaska due to the abundance of mountains and the biggest is Mount Denali which stands at 20,310 feet.

Unfortunately, there isn’t any bungee jumping destination in Alaska. So if you want to jump from a bridge, you will need to fly to another state or Canada. Take a look at the menu below if you plan to visit another state soon. But in any case, even though bungee jumping is not available, Alaska is home to grand Nature and as a result, there are endless opportunities for exciting experiences outdoors. The ones mentioned on this page are just the tip of the iceberg!

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