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Bungee Jumping in Las Vegas & Nevada – Sky Jump and Other Top Places

Bungee jumping is an activity that literally forces you to jump in the face of fear. The sport stretches the limits of fear for sole purpose…and that is fun. Have you ever wondered why anyone would want to jump from a tall structure several feet above the ground? The simple answer to that question is thrill and fun.

Your heart beats like never before during bungee jumping and blood flows throughout your body. It may sound cheesy but the activity makes you feel truly ‘alive’. You jump with nothing more than an elastic cord attached to your feet and despite knowing that the cord will keep you safe, your body’s flight or fight response kicks in when you jump and freefall to the ground. Adrenaline kicks in and the experience will be mind-blowing.

Despite the element of danger associated with bungee jumping, the sport is almost completely safe. High-quality equipment is used and you only need to be brave enough to take the plunge. And, the odds of dying during the activity are about 1 in 500,000. Good odds.

If you stay in Las Vegas or Nevada as a whole and would like to go bungee jumping, then this article is for you. There is currently no true bungee jumping destination in Nevada. AJ Hackett in Las Vegas used to offer bungee jumping but the company is currently closed. If this changes, I’ll update this article accordingly.

However, the #1 attraction in Las Vegas that will give you a similar experience as bungee jumping is Sky Jump.

Sky Jump, The Strat Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada

As I mentioned above, traditional bungee jumping is not available in Nevada, but there are similar activities you can do in the state such as participating in the controlled freefall offered by Stratosphere Hotel. You’ll be wearing a jumpsuit and harness and the jump is from the 108th floor.

Another option in Las Vegas is Xtreme Zone. it has a bungee trampoline and the jump is done indoors. You’ll be wearing a harness attached to elastic cords and vertical lift poles.

Again, note that these activities are not traditional bungee jumping. If you want to bungee jump, there are spots in neighboring states such as Arizona, Oregon, California, and Idaho. I’ll be discussing a few bungee spots from these states.

Bungee Jumping Spots in Other States

Central Oregon Bungee Adventures, Terrebonne, Oregon

This bungee destination is located at the high bridge in beautiful PS Ogden State Park. Up on the bridge, you are treated to stunning views of the Crooked River Gorge and Cascade Mountains. And you can expect to bungee jump there anytime between May through October, weather permitting.

There is a minimum age requirement of 14 years old before you can jump with Central Oregon Bungee Adventures. And you must weigh between 80 and 300 pounds.

Bungee Expeditions, Idaho

Bungee Expeditions is one of the biggest bungee jumping companies in the United States. The company is popular for organizing bungee jumps in several states across the US. And they adhere to the highest quality standards and use top-notch equipment. You can visit their website for pricing and jump schedules.

Glenn’s Ferry/King Hill, which is 1 hour from Boise, and Hansen in Eden are the two locations Bungee Expeditions uses in Idaho. You can expect to spend up to $250 or more per jump depending on destination and weight.

Sky Jump is probably close enough to bungee jumping and it will definitely get your heart pumping as much as traditional bungee jumping. If you live in Las Vegas or Nevada, it is probably your best option. If you want a true bungee jumping experience, then you will need to travel outside of the state. You can take a look at the suggestions above, or use the menu below to check what is available in other states you plan to travel to.

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Bungee Jumping Near Me – Choose a Destination

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