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Bungee Jumping in Hawaii – Top Places & Operators

Bungee jumping is one of the most exhilarating, terrifying, and important things you can do in your life. Don’t be surprised when some of your friends and family members start to question your sanity after knowing you intend to go bungee jumping. It takes a lot of guts to bungee jump. It may not be for everybody.

But if you decide you want to go for it, just do it. You’ll have to conquer your fears and this isn’t just the fear of heights. Jumping off a bridge or mountain with just a rope attached to your ankles will also be terrifying, especially the first time. You’ll have to push through your fear and the sense of accomplishment you feel later will stay with you forever.

There’s this peace and calm that comes after all the adrenaline rush of bungee jumping. Your mind replays the event and the fact that you actually jumped from a tall structure will sink in.

There is a couple of bungee jumping destinations across the United States. However, there are no places you can go bungee jumping in Hawaii at this time. You’ll have to travel off the Island State to go bungee jumping. But there are several adrenaline sports you can try out in Hawaii. Here they are:

Other Adrenaline Activities in Hawaii


Ziplining is one of the best adrenaline adventures available in Hawaii. The sport is not a drop like bungee jumping. It’s more like parasailing over the landscape on a fixed course.

How fast you go depends on the height and length of the course. And, faster and steeper courses can provide you with an adrenaline rush.

You’d want to try shorter courses when you are starting. But, daredevils can go for speed right away. There are several Zipline companies in Hawaii, so it’s easy to find one to sign up with.


Skydiving is an adventure sport that’s very popular in Hawaii. The thrill of jumping off a plane and then free falling a bit cannot be matched by many sports. There are several skydiving companies in Hawaii and they offer training courses to help you with your very first skydive. Some companies offer tandem skydiving where an experienced skydiver skydives with you to ensure your safety.

Cave Diving

Cave diving is popular in Hawaii due to the number of underwater caverns, shipwrecks, and sea caves. You also get to enjoy the beauty of the underwater world. If you think there’s nothing more beautiful than Hawaii’s above ground landscapes, then you’ll have to visit their underwater world.

If you are an experienced scuba diver, exploring the caves will be a walk in the park. If not, you’ll need training and some experience before going cave diving.


Have you ever given a thought to paragliding? You may want to in order to enjoy Hawaii’s beautiful landscapes. You may decide to go solo which will require some training or go tandem.


Kayaking is another wonderful sport that’s sure to provide you with lots of fun. The thing about kayaking is that you can go as fast or slow as you want. But if you are an action junkie, you’d probably want fast rapids to get your blood pumping.

Unfortunately, there is no bungee jumping location or company located in Hawaii. However, there are lots of other outdoor and “extreme” sports – and a lot of fun to be had – in the beautiful islands of Hawaii.

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