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Bungee Jumping in Rhode Island – Top Places & Operators

Bungee jumping takes fun, thrill, adrenaline, and adventure to a whole new level. It all starts from the buildup to your jump. You may start to sweat profusely, feel the urge to pee, and start pacing back and forth as you wait for your turn. Then comes the moment of truth, the moment where you either jump or don’t. You surrender yourself to the harness, you trust the harness, and just let go. It’s an amazing experience, one that is difficult to describe.

One of the main attractions of bungee jumping is that people get to conquer their fear of heights. Take a leap of faith and leave your fear behind you. Even people not afraid of heights are still going to break a sweat. Bungee jumping is that intense. But when you take the leap of faith, you get to be as free as a bird. And there is also the mind-blowing view. And at the end of your dive, you feel a sense of accomplishment. You feel like you can truly do anything!

There are several bungee jumping destinations in the United States and this article focuses on places you can bungee jump in Rhode Island. There are currently no bungee jumping destinations in Rhode Island. I’ll keep an eye out for the emergence of any bungee jumping destination in the state.

New York shares a water border with Rhode Island and the state has a bungee jumping destination which is Xcelerated Adventures

Nearest Bungee Jumping in Neighboring States

Xcelerated Adventures, New York

Xcelerated Adventures is your best bet to go bungee jumping in New York. The company is popular for the array of outdoor adventure sports they offer. Bungee jumping is one of the many adventures offered by Xcelerated adventures. You get to participate in the sport, feel your blood rushing, adrenaline building up, and get to feel truly alive.

There are also other sports you can participate in if you feel like trying other stuff. There is kayaking which is one of my favorite sports. Hiking, camping, hang gliding, zip-lining, laser tag, and so on.

Other Adventure Sports in Rhode Island

Rock Climbing

Rhode Island isn’t known for mountains or rocks as the state is a relatively flat state. And any resident will know that there aren’t many dramatic cliffs to climb. However, this doesn’t make rock climbing any less popular in Rhode Island as the state has several indoor rock climbing facilities. Instruction and equipment are available and beginner, intermediate and advanced climbing routes are established.

Shark Cage Diving

There are extreme sports and there’s shark cage diving. Allowing yourself to be dropped into the ocean and be surrounded by sharks is a whole new level for most people. The sharks are mostly blues and makos, not the fearsome Great Whites. But they are still sharks regardless. There are different types of cages to choose from depending on the type of experience you are looking for. And pricing for shark cage diving in Rhode Island starts around $200 per person.

There are no bungee jumping opportunities in Rhode Island but luckily, the state of New York is not far and offers bungee jumping. So it is definitely your best bet if you live in Rhode Island and want to take the plunge. If you prefer to stay in your state, there are many exciting and thrilling activities you can indulge in.

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