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Bungee Jumping in Maryland – Top Places & Operators

Bungee Jumping is equally scary and exciting. It all starts when you queue for a jump. Anticipation, fear, and adrenaline set in. You watch other people make the jump…or fail the jump. And before you know it, it’s your turn. The instructor is attaching the rope to your ankle and explaining the process to you. Then, they finish prepping you, shuffle you to the front, and tell you that you are clear to jump.

That’s the moment of truth, the do-or-die moment, the moment where you decide if you have the guts to take the leap of faith or not. When you finally make the jump, raw exhilaration sets in and your body shakes from fear and adrenaline. And when the rope springs back up, you are either giggling or laughing like a maniac or still recovering from the earlier adrenaline rush.

There are several bungee jumping destinations across the United States. If you stay in Maryland, there are no bungee jumping destinations in the State. Your best bet is to travel to a neighboring state or try other adrenaline sports available in Maryland.

Nearest Operators in Nearby States

Xtreme SkyFlyer in Kings Dominion, Virginia

Virginia shares a border with Maryaland and has a couple of bungee jumping destinations you can visit if you don’t mind traveling.

Xtreme SkyFlyer is a bungee jumping experience in Kings Dominion, Doswell, Virginia. You can jump from a height of 150 ft and enjoy the thrills of bungee jumping. There are other attractions at the 400-acre entertainment park such as a water park, park rides, and high-adventure thrill rides.

Blue Ridge Mountain Attractions, Virginia

The Discovery Ridge Adventure Center at Wintergreen Resort is located in Virginia”s Blue Ridge Mountains. The Resort doesn’t offer traditional bungee jumping. Instead, there’s a bungee trampoline that can bounce you to heights in excess of 25 feet. Not quite bungee jumping but it’s the next best thing.

Operators in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is another state that borders Maryland and has a couple of bungee jumping attractions. Normally, you’d have to undergo rigorous training before you can bungee jump in Pennsylvania but there are packages for tourists. Bungee jumping operators in Pennsylvania include Luxurgy, Over The Edge Adventures, and Adrenalin Dreams. They all offer bungee training and jumps.

Other Adrenaline Activities in Maryland

Whitewater Rafting

One thing about Maryland is that you are never far from water and while the State has its own share of calm waters, there are fast rapids like the Big Sandy Rivers, Potomac, Cheat, and so on. There are several whitewater outfitters in the State that provide guided trips.


Ziplining is an activity that’s readily available in Maryland. Some people think ziplining isn’t intense but all you have to do is to use longer and steeper ziplines. And, you’ll find yourself racing at speeds of up to 100 mph. And your body will be flooded with good ol’ adrenaline.

Other fun activities to do in Maryland include skydiving, Go Karts, and roller coasters.

Unfortunately, there is no bungee jumping location or company located in Maryland. But you can still get a great deal of adrenaline with other outdoor activities in the state, or bungee-like activities in nearby states.

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