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Bungee Jumping in Wisconsin – Top Places & Operators

Have you ever wondered why bungee jumping is one of the most popular adrenaline sports? More and more people are going bungee jumping and I’ll tell you the reason for that. You see, bungee jumping offers a unique type of thrill and adrenaline that’s going to last a while. It’s going to be one of the most intense and daring things you’ve ever done in your life. After all, not many people can claim to have jumped from a tall structure with only a rope ensuring your safety.

It takes a lot of guts and courage to bungee jump. And that’s why it’s an activity for true adrenaline or action junkies. Jumping voluntarily off a bridge, mountain, and other tall structures requires you to be brave. If you have a fear of heights, you need to overcome it before you can bungee jump. And your reward will be thrill, adrenaline, and a sense of accomplishment. You also feel truly alive after a bungee jump and this is one of the reasons why jumpers come again.

There are several bungee jumping destinations around the world including the United States. Depending on where you stay in the US, a bungee jumping company may be in your vicinity. If not, you will have to travel to the nearest bungee jumping destination.

This article focuses on bungee jumping destinations in Wisconsin. If you stay in Wisconsin, continue reading to learn of places you can take the ‘leap of faith.’

Unfortunately, there are no bungee jumping destinations in Wisconsin in general at this time. If this changes, I’ll update this article accordingly. However, there are other adventure sports you can check out if you stay in Wisconsin.

Other Adventure Sports in Wisconsin

Whitewater Rafting

The state of Wisconsin goes whitewater rafting crazy around April and May since this is when the melting snow and the spring rains swell the Menominee, Peshtigo, and Wolf rivers in northeastern Wisconsin. There are several outfitters that offer guided rafting trips. Kayaking trips are also available.

Rock Climbing

While Wisconsin may not have mountains, the state has rocks that are ready to be climbed. The Devil’s Lake is one of the best destinations for rock climbing in Wisconsin. As a beginner climber, you’ll need a climbing guide/instructor to show you the ropes. And there are several routes for beginner climbers as well as the experienced ones. You can expect to spend up to $110 for a full day climbing session.

Hang Gliding

If rafting and rock climbing aren’t extreme enough for you, then it’s time you tried hang gliding. Wisconsin Hang Gliding LLC offers adventure-seekers tandem rides over the Walworth County countryside. You’ll be strapped in alongside experienced hang gliders and will initially be towed by a small plane up to about 4,000 feet. When you reach this height, you’ll be released and will have to use your weight to guide the glider as it floats back to the ground.


Ziplining is an interesting sport you should consider if you live in Wisconsin. Some people think ziplining isn’t intense but all you have to do is to use longer and steeper ziplines. And, you’ll find yourself racing at speeds of up to 100 mph. And your body will be flooded with good ol’ adrenaline. You’ll get a lot of airtime and zoom past open forest canopies and rivers. The view is breathtaking and you get to see nature in all its glory.

There are no bungee jumping locations in Wisconsin at the moment. We usually give other options in neighboring states but there aren’t any bungee destinations in these states either. However, Wisconsin is still home to a variety of really cool activities that can definitely give you the adrenaline rush you are looking for!

As for bungee jumping, why not try and use the menu below to see if there is any location in another state you plan to visit soon?

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