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Bungee Jumping in Nebraska – Top Places & Operators

Bungee jumping is one of the easiest and most popular adrenaline sports in the world. The adrenaline you get from bungee jumping is unique. After all, you’ll be jumping from a structure several feet above the ground for the adrenaline rush that’s peculiar only with bungee jumping.

It takes a lot of guts to bungee jump. And that’s the only requirement for the activity assuming you are healthy. You don’t need any special training, you don’t need to be super fit. You only need to be able to conquer your fear and dive headfirst. Every fiber of your body is going to tell you to turn back. Your instincts will tell you not to jump. But you have to overcome all these. You feel alive and the sense of accomplishment that comes after completing a jump is surreal.

There are several bungee jumping destinations around the world including the United States. Depending on where you stay in the US, a bungee jumping company may be in your vicinity. If not, you will have to travel to the nearest bungee jumping destination.

This article focuses on bungee jumping destinations in Nebraska. If you stay in Nebraska continue reading to learn of places you can take the ‘leap of faith.’

Unfortunately, there are no places you can bungee jump in Nebraska at this time. If this changes, I’ll update this article accordingly. You’ll have to travel to states that have bungee jumping spots such as Tennessee.

Bungee Jumping in Other States

Track Recreation Center, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

One of the states you can travel to for your bungee jumping adventures is Tennessee. And the place to be in Tennessee is the Track Recreation Center in Pigeon Forge. You’ll find a 65-foot-tall platform in the recreation center used for bungee jumping at the recreation center and you get to soar through the air like a bird. You have to weigh between 80 and 240 pounds before you can jump.

Track Recreation Center takes safety seriously and uses high-quality gear for their bungee jumping services. And this allows you to take the leap of faith with the knowledge that the harness and other gear used are of the highest quality and will keep you safe.

Other Adventure Sports in Nebraska

TreeRush Adventures at Fontenelle Forest

One of the best things to do in Nebraska is to explore the treetop trails at TreeRush Adventures. There are several kinds of aerial challenges available for your enjoyment from zip lines to suspended bridges, swings, and rope ladders. With more than 100 different challenges and over 10 zip lines across seven trails, TreeRush Adventures promises unending fun and adventure.


If you love paddling, there are several waterbodies in Nebraska. If you are new to kayaking, you should start out on lakes and other calm waters. And as you gain experience, you can then transition to rapid waters.


See Nebraska from up above by booking a ziplining session. You get to cruise past the several tree canopies Nebraska is blessed with. Apart from the fast speeds and incredible scenery, ziplining in Nebraska is a way to show your love for nature and connect in it. And there is no shortage of ziplining spots in Nebraska.

Unfortunately, there is no bungee jumping destination in Nebraska. There are very few bungee jumping operators in the United States, and none of them is in Nebraska. If you want to take the big plunge, you will have to travel to another state, such as Tennessee as suggested above. Traveling soon to another state? Use the menu below to check if bungee jumping is available in that state! If you can’t quite leave Nebraska for now, there are plenty of fun outdoor activities you can indulge in in your state!

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