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Bungee Jumping in South Dakota – Top Places & Operators

“3…2…1…jump!” Those are the last words you are going to hear before you take the plunge. When you hear ‘jump’, you have to fight against the natural instinct to turn back and dive headfirst from a tall structure. And the feeling of thrill and adrenaline that comes after makes the jump worth it. That’s the short description of bungee jumping.

Bungee jumping is one of the most popular extreme sports in the world. More and more people are signing up for bungee jumps. And the reason for this is that bungee jumping gets your heart beating and your blood pumping like never before. The jumpmasters attach an elastic cord to your ankles before the plunge. And the cord is the only thing between you and certain death.

But despite all the elements of fear and danger associated with bungee jumping, it’s a relatively safe sport. You only need to be healthy before you participate in the sport and ensure you dive headfirst when jumping to make your rebound comfortable. The odds of dying during the activity are about 1 in 500,000. And there are several bungee jumping companies that have never had any fatality.

There are several bungee jumping destinations scattered across the United States. And depending on where you stay, there might be a bungee jumping destination close to you. This article focuses on places you can bungee jump in South Dakota. Unfortunately, there are no bungee jumping spots in South Dakota at this time. The nearest places you can bungee jump are in Idaho and Colorado.

Nearest Bungee Jumping in Other States

Bungee Expeditions, Idaho

Bungee Expeditions operates in several states across the US and organizes bungee jumps from time to time. They also operate in Idaho and you can click the link above to visit their website for upcoming jump schedules and pricing. The company uses Glenn’s Ferry for their Idaho bungee jumping experience. You can expect to spend up to $250 or more per jump depending on destination and weight.

Over The Edge Bungee, Stanley, Idaho

  • Address: Hwy 75, Stanley, ID, United States, 83278
  • Telephone: +1 208-293-4034

Another bungee operator in Idaho is Over The Edge Bungee which has been organizing bungee jumps for several years. The company bungee jumping excursions, equipment sales, jumpmaster training, stunt rigging, choreography, arena shows, filming, canyoneering, ropes training, high-angle maintenance and heights management.

The company has a unique style of bungee jumping which involves using a collection of public bridges instead of a single location. And this has proven to be very popular among bungee jumping enthusiasts in Idaho.

Other Adventure Sports in South Dakota

There are no shortage of interesting activities to do in South Dakota. Paddling enthusiasts will enjoy exploring water bodies in the State. However, the Missouri River is one of the hottest paddling destinations in the state and you can go for a day or multi-day paddling adventure.

Scubadiving and hiking are also popular in the state. Caving is also available and if you are a climbing enthusiast, you’ll enjoy the various climbing spots in the state. Sport and traditional climbing are both available and you can choose a route that is suitable for your climbing skill.

Unfortunately, there is no bungee jumping spot in South Dakota, and not even in the neighboring states. If you want to experience the big thrill of jumping from a bridge, you will need to travel to Colorado or Idaho. Planning a trip to another state? Check the menu below to see if there are bungee jumping opportunities nearby! If you prefer to stay in South Dakota, there are tons of outdoor activities to choose from, and a ton of fun to be had.

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