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Bungee Jumping in Utah – Top Places & Operators

Pure adrenaline. Undiluted thrill. Adventure of a lifetime. You are going to get all these from bungee jumping. The adrenaline you get from bungee jumping is on a different level. There are very few activities that are as exhilarating as bungee jumping.

It all starts when you sign up for a jump. And depending on the policy of the outfit, jumps can be made in decreasing order of body weight. You join the queue if you are not the first person to jump and wait for your turn. Anticipation sets in and before you know it, it’s your turn. You look down and see the cold hard floor, river, vegetation, or whatever is below the structure you are standing on. You realize the only thing between you and certain (and horrifying, if I might) death is the bungee cord attached to your ankles.

You stare at the ground and gather the courage to dive headfirst into nothing. And as you freefall, your mind is no longer yours as you see the ground approaching. Adrenaline rushes in and it will seem like you are on course to crash into the ground. For a moment, it may seem like you are going to crash but the bungee cord breaks your fall. And chances are you’ll be giggling or laughing like a maniac at this point.

Bungee jumping is a popular activity in the United States but not all states have spots where you can bungee jump. This article focuses on bungee jumping destinations in Utah.

Bungee Expeditions used to organize bungee jumps in different locations in Lake Powell in Southern Utah. However, the company no longer operates in Utah due to new federal regulations. However, you can go to Bungee Expeditions to check for States where they still operate.

Nearest Bungee Jumping Spots in Other States

Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park, Colorado

The Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park is located near Glenwood Springs, Colorado, about 160 mi west of Denver. If you are looking for a bungee jumping-like experience, you should try their Giant Canon Swing. The Swing isn’t real bungee jumping as you won’t be jumping from a bridge or crane but adrenaline rush is similar to what you’d get from bungee jumping.

If you want a more traditional bungee jumping experience, there’s tower in the park where you can experience a free fall of 70 ft. You have to weigh between 80 and 240 pounds and be able to climb the tower to jump off it with cords attached to you.

The Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park is a perfect place for day out with plenty of other activity besides bungee jumping.

Bungee Expeditions, Idaho

Bungee Expeditions is one of the biggest bungee jumping companies in the United States, and I was just mentioning them in the introduction. The company organizes bungee jumps in various states across the US. They are known for being reliable and using top equipment.

Glenn’s Ferry/King Hill, which is 1 hour from Boise, and Hansen in Eden are the two locations Bungee Expeditions uses in Idaho, which shares a border with Utah. You can expect to spend up to $250 or more per jump depending on destination and weight.

You might have to travel a little bit, but if you don’t mind crossing your state’s border you will definitely find a few bungee jumping opportunities around. Your best bets are probably Colorado and Idaho, but you can check out bungee jumping spots in New Mexico as well. Traveling to another state? Use the menu below to check if there is any bungee jumping spot in the area!

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Bungee Jumping Near Me – Choose a Destination

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