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Bungee Jumping in Kentucky – Top Places & Operators

To some people, it’s crazy. It’s insane. Why would anyone want to jump off a tall mountain, bridge, or tower? But many people find the activity exciting, so much so that there are destinations around the world. The activity I’m talking about is bungee jumping.

Bungee jumping has massively increased in popularity over the years. And there are reasons for this. Some people are merely adrenaline or adventure junkies looking for the next activity to give them an adrenaline rush. Some are just daredevils and will happily sign up for any activity that involves some element of risk or danger. And some people are just curious or simply want to push the boundaries of what they’ve done before.

Regardless of your reason for wanting to go bungee jumping, the activity will turn out to be one of the most intense, exciting, and scary things you’ll ever do. Jumping off a tall structure with nothing more than an elastic bungee cord attached to your ankles is sure to make anyone afraid. But with this fear comes a level of thrill that makes you come back for more.

Jumpmasters will walk with you to the edge and tell you what to expect. But they will never push you off. The decision to jump is an intensely personal one and no one will make that decision for you. You look down, breathe in, and decide whether you have what it takes to jump off or climb down. The ball is in your court.

There are several bungee jumping destinations in the United States. This article focuses on places you can bungee jump in Kentucky. And here they are.

Vertigo Bungee, Tyrone road, Lawrenceburg, Kentucky

Vertigo Bungee was born in 1990 near Lake Tahoe and the company was formed by a group of passionate extreme sports enthusiasts who live and breathe adrenaline. The company has been organizing bungee jumps and setting standards in the sport long before the explosion of bungee jumping and at a time when the world saw bungee jumping as a dangerous activity.

Vertigo Bungee acquired Young’s High Bridge, a railroad bridge built over 100 years ago, in 2013 to operate bungee jumping platforms. Lovers of action-filled adventure visit from all over to experience this top-notch bungee jumping experience. The experience you get from this site is like no other. One of the best across the eastern US. Bunging jumping kick starts from May through to October. The distance of the jump is about 250 feet to the river below.

Other Adventure Sports in Kentucky

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is one of the most popular outdoor adventures in Kentucky. And of the best climbing destinations is Red River Gorge in Stanton. Climbing routes are available for both beginners and experienced climbers. And there are different types of climb available.

Most climbing destinations in Kentucky have guides to show you the ropes. And climbing spots tend to have beautiful scenery. Options are available for a full day, two-hour, or night climb.

Caving in Mammoth Cave National Park

You should visit the caves in the Mammoth Cave National Park at least once if you live in Kentucky. The cave system at the National Park is the longest in the world and it has several intricate labyrinths to be discovered. Several tour options are available for visitors. And the scenery outside the cave is simply breathtaking.

Lucky you! There is a bungee jumping location in Kentucky for you to indulge in. There are only a few locations across the US for bungee jumping, so you should definitely take the chance to have one of these locations in your state, and go for it! Once it’s done, why not discover other outdoor adventures that Kentucky has to offer as well?

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