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Bungee Jumping in Mississippi – Top Places & Operators

Bungee jumping is one of the most popular extreme sports. And rightly so. There are few things that can get you pumped up more than standing on the edge of a sheer drop with nothing more than an elastic cord attached to your ankles. You look down and realize the only thing between you and certain death is the bungee cord. But bungee jumping is an activity based on trust and you trust the equipment to keep you safe.

No matter the assurances that bungee jumping is safe, you are bound to be afraid on your first jump. Even some daredevils will break a sweat on their first jumps. It’s a completely normal reaction. The first jump is the most difficult and subsequent jumps will be easier and more enjoyable. So, when you are at the edge, you have to decide to dive headfirst. No one will push you. It’s a personal decision.

Remember, bungee jumping is about jumping despite your fears. You look fear right in the eyes and say “Screw it, I’m gonna jump.” And you jump. Even watching people making the jump can be intense and the whole bungee jumping experience starts from when you join the queue. Anticipation sets in but you power through it to make the jump.

There are several bungee jumping destinations across the world including the United States. This article focuses on bungee jumping destinations in Mississippi. Unfortunately, there are no places to bungee jump in Mississippi at this time. If this changes, I’ll update this article accordingly. Your best bet is to travel to neighboring states with bungee spots and they’ll be discussed below.

Nearest Bungee Jumping in Other States

Track Recreation Center, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Tennessee shares a border with Mississippi and the state has a bungee jumping spot. If you don’t mind a road trip, you should visit The Track Recreation Center in Pigeon Forge as the center has a 65-foot-tall platform used for bungee jumping at the recreation center and you get to soar through the air like a bird. You have to weigh between 80 and 240 pounds before you can jump.

Elastic bungee cords are attached to the ankles of bungee jumpers for safety. High-quality cords are used and you can take the leap of faith knowing the equipment is in excellent condition. Sometimes, chest harnesses are used in place of ankle cords.

Vertigo Bungee, Tyrone road, Lawrenceburg, Kentucky

You can also visit Kentucky for your bungee jumping experience. And the place to go is the Vertigo Bungee which was established in 1990 near Lake Tahoe. The company was formed by a group of passionate extreme sports enthusiasts who live and breathe adrenaline. The company has been organizing bungee jumps and setting standards in the sport long before the explosion of bungee jumping and at a time when the world saw bungee jumping as a dangerous activity.

Vertigo Bungee acquired Young’s High Bridge, a railroad bridge built over 100 years ago, in 2013 to operate bungee jumping platforms. Lovers of action-filled adventure visit from all over to experience this top-notch bungee jumping experience. The experience you get from this site is like no other. One of the best across the eastern US. Bunging jumping kick starts from May through to October. The distance of the jump is about 250 feet to the river below.

Gravity Adventure Park, South Padre Island, Texas

You can also visit the Gravity Adventure Park in Texas which offers several adventure activities including bungee jumping. You can expect two different bungee activities at Grand Adventure Park. The first is the Bungee Grands which is the tallest bungee jump in Texas. You need a lot of guts to bungee jump at the Bungee Grande. But if you take the leap, it’s a rewarding experience that’s going to stay with you for life.

The second bungee activity in the park is the Rocket which is the tallest reverse bungee in the world. So, if you feel like having a different type of bungee adventure, the Rocket got you covered.

There are very few bungee jumping spots in the US, especially when you consider the size of the country. Mississippi doesn’t offer any bungee jumping opportunities, but luckily, it is available in neighboring states. If you don’t mind crossing over to Tennessee, you will find what you are looking for. If you are ready to travel just a little further to Texas or Kentucky, you will have two extra locations to choose from.

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