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Bungee Jumping in Arkansas – Top Places & Operators

Action Junkie. Adrenaline Junkie. Adventure Junkie. Thrill Seeker. Daredevil. And so on. Call yourself whatever you want. But if all you care about is getting your heart pumping and experiencing intense thrill and excitement tinged with a little fear, then I have the right sport for you. And it’s bungee jumping. Bungee jumping offers a unique combination of thrill, adventure, and adrenaline.

Picture yourself standing at the end of a tall structure – bridge, mountain, tower. You look down and hundreds of meters below, river water rushes by or you see green vegetation in all their glory. You jump off the structure, head first into the unknown with only a long rubber rope attached to your ankles for safety. Excitement rushes in, fear rushes in, and adrenaline floods your system. Some would say it’s exciting, others would say crazy. For some, it’s the best thing they’ve ever done.

If all of the above appeals to you, then it’s time you go bungee jumping. Bungee jumping has been around for some time and has become one of the most popular adrenaline sports around today. There are several bungee jumping destinations around the world and this article focuses on places you can go bungee jumping in Arkansas.

There are no bungee jumping destinations in Arkansas. But fret not, there are places you can bungee jump in neighboring states. Here they are.

Nearest Bungee Jumping Locations in Neighboring States

Gravity Adventure Park, South Padre Island, Texas

Texas shares a border with Arkansas and you can always go on a road trip to The Lone Star State for your bungee jumping adventures. Your best bet for bungee jumping in Texas is the Gravity Adventure Park which has several adventure activities including bungee jumping.

There are two different bungee activities at this park and the first is the Bungee Grands which is the tallest bungee jump in Texas. The Bungee Grande requires a lot of courage and guts. But you’ll be rewarded by an adrenaline rush like never before. Chances are you’ll come back for more. Adrenaline will make you do that.

The second bungee activity in the Gravity Adventure Park is the Rocket which is the tallest reverse bungee in the world. So, if you feel like having a different type of bungee adventure, the Rocket got you covered.

Zero Gravity, Dallas, Texas

*Permanently closed.

Zero Gravity used to be another bungee jumping destination in Texas and a lot of exciting activities such as skycoaster, skyscraper, ejection seat, and so on used to be available. As mentioned earlier, the Park is currently closed as the landlord of the site of the park sold the land. While there is no return date yet, Zero Gravity is hoping they could resume operations in another location. I’ll also update this article if there’s any information about an opening at a different site.

Track Recreation Center, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Depending on where you stay in Arkansas, Tennessee may be close to you than Texas, in which case you may want to go to the Track Recreation Center in Pigeon Forge for your bungee jumping adventures. The Recreation Center has a 65-foot-tall platform used for bungee jumping and you get to soar through the air like a bird. You have to weigh between 80 and 240 pounds before you can jump.

Sadly, like in many other states, there isn’t any bungee jumping opportunity in Arkansas. But if you are ready to go a little further and cross the border of neighboring states, you will find jumping destinations that are well worth the trip!

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