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Bungee Jumping in Connecticut – Top Places & Operators

Looking from a window of a skyscraper or the roof of a high rise, you probably have one time or the other toyed with the idea of jumping down. The obvious choice is to not yield to this thought. Knowing you probably won’t live to tell the story or end up with a gruesome injury. A smart choice if you ask me.

Perhaps, you do not know there are means of getting similar jump experience, even from higher structures. Bungee jumping! Through bungee jumping, you get to fulfill your wildest desire. Jumping from mountains and cliffs as high as 400 feet without having to worry about accidents or death becomes possible.

It is one of the most recognized extreme sports. I would love to describe it. But really there’s no better way to describe it than when you experience it yourself. Is it the weightlessness you feel when in the air or the feeling of seeing yourself as a bird flying? You get to see some mountains and hills below you. Again, it’s really a great experience you’d like to enjoy.

Bungee jumping is no doubt one of the most populous extreme sports. However, there are still very few spots where they are organized. It is not a sport you can just do on your own. You need to visit a professional company that specializes in this sport. If for no other reason, at least for safety’s sake. After all, it’s still an extreme sport.

There are no adventure companies with ideal Bungee jumping options in Connecticut. Natives often have to travel a couple of miles, especially to bordering states like New York to get a reputable Bungee jumping company.

Nearest Operators in Nearby States

Xcelerated Adventures, New York

Location: New York, NY 10018

New York is a border state to Connecticut. Xccelerated Adventure is a reputable company that has mastered extreme sports operations. They offer top-notch Bungee jumping experience, Hang gliding, Rafting, and Kayaking among many others. You can be rest assured that you are going to enjoy quality, perhaps even get to have the best day of your life. Their devices are that great.

Bryce Resort, Virginia

Location: Shenandoah Valley, Virginia.

To experience quality action filled adventure experiences. Visit Shenandoah Valley. They offer a round the year extreme sports services, including ropes courses, a hill-side slide system, and of course bungee jumping.

Other Extreme Sports in Connecticut

Peradventure you are not opportune to take a road trip to parks with professional bungee jumping sites. You might have to settle for a semblance of this sport. Especially, if what you really want is the adrenaline rush that comes with bungee jumping. There are other extreme sports sites in Connecticut that will provide you with a similar experience.

Skydiving by Danielson

Tandem skydiving is definitely the best and most incredible extreme sport experience Connecticut has to offer. I’m sure you already know skydiving is very similar to bungee jumping. You get to overcome your fear of heights just like in bungee jumping. In fact, oftentimes, you are jumping out of a plane which is usually at a higher elevation than those platforms used in bungee jumping. Check out for more info!

There are no bungee jumping opportunities in Connecticut, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun! You can either travel to a neighboring state to get what you want or indulge in an equally-amazing experience such as skydiving.

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