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Bungee Jumping in Chicago & Illinois – Top Places & Operators

There are many amazing activities in life. Some extreme, others not so much. But if extreme activities are your jam, then it’s time you consider bungee jumping. Bungee jumping is as extreme as you can expect any activity to be. Picture yourself diving headfirst off a platform several feet above the ground and free falling to the ground. But before you reach the ground, an elastic harness attached to your ankle breaks your fall, and then comes the awesome rebound.

The thrill of bungee jumping is in that moment of free falling. You surrender yourself to the harness, you trust the harness, and just let go. It’s an amazing experience, one that is difficult to describe. And that’s why more and more people want to try bungee jumping. They aren’t crazy or insane. They are looking for fun, albeit a unique kind of fun.

One of the main attractions of bungee jumping is that people get to conquer their fear of heights. Take a leap of faith and leave your fear behind you. You also get to be as free as a bird. And there is also the mind-blowing view. And at the end of your dive, you feel a sense of accomplishment. You feel like you can truly do anything!

This article focuses on places to go bungee jumping in Chicago and other parts of Illinois. Unfortunately, there are no bungee jumping destinations in Chicago and Illinois in general at this time. If this changes, I’ll update this article accordingly. However, there are other adventure sports you can check out if you stay in Illinois.

Other Adventure Sports in Illinois

Whitewater Rafting

If whitewater rafting is your thing, then you’ll have no problem participating in the sport in Illinois. And your best bet for whitewater rafting in the state is Vermillion River just south of Starved Rock State Park. The river has 14 sets of rapids and spans over 10 miles and the outfitter offers three to four hour rafting trips. Kayaking services are also offered.

The trekking experts from a reputable trekking company providing their customers with the Eagle Walk and many other popular hiking trails all over the globe, state that as per the outfitter at the Vermillion River, the best time to go whitewater rafting is between May and Mid-July. Of course, you can also go there at other times.


Kayaking is popular in Illinois and there are several water bodies suitable for paddling. Some of these destinations have beautiful scenery allowing you to enjoy nature as you paddle against the force of nature. One of the best kayaking spots in Illinois is the Kankakee River which is part of a system of well-managed water trails that also includes the Des Plaines and Illinois rivers. The Vermillon River mentioned above is also a popular spot for whitewater kayaking.

Rock Climbing

If you are a rock climbing enthusiast, then you should take a trip to Pere Marquette State Park which is now the latest climbing destination in Illinois. I like that there are several climbing routes for experienced climbers, recreational climbers, and beginner climbers. And when you are not climbing, the 8,000-acre park offers grand views of the Illinois River from a series of scenic bluffs. A must visit place for any outdoor enthusiast.

There are no bungee jumping destinations in Chicago or in the state of Illinois at the moment. We usually list options in neighboring states but unfortunately, there aren’t more opportunities in those states. But fret not, you might not be able to do bungee jumping in Chicago but there are tons of other really cool and adrenaline-packed activities you can do in Illinois!

If you’d rather do bungee jumping, no problem! Use the menu below and check out what are the available options in the state of your choice.

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Bungee Jumping Near Me – Choose a Destination

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