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Bungee Jumping in Colorado – Top Places & Operators

Bungee jumping is an activity like no other. It gets your blood pumping and your heart beating like never before. Jumping from a tall structure with an elastic cord attached to your feet will do that to you And that’s the main attraction behind bungee jumping – the adrenaline, the thrill, the element of danger.

Despite the element of danger associated with bungee jumping, the sport is almost completely safe. And, the odds of dying during the activity are about 1 in 500,000. Good odds.

If you stay in or close to Colorado and would like to go bungee jumping, then you are in luck. This is because there is no shortage of places to go bungee jumping in the State. The landscape is well-suited for bungee jumping and this article focuses on all bungee jumping destinations in The Centennial State. So here we go.

Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park

The Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park is located above Glenwood Springs, Colorado, about 160 mi west of Denver. There are many exciting things to do at the park and having a go at the Giant Canon Swing is one of them. The Swing isn’t exactly bungee jumping as you won’t be jumping from a tall distance. But the thrill and element of danger the swing offers are similar to what you’d get from bungee jumping.

If you want a more traditional bungee jumping experience, there’s tower in the park where you can experience a free fall of 70 ft. You have to weigh between 80 and 240 pounds and be able to climb the tower to jump off it with cords attached to you.

Visit the Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park website to learn about when the park schedule so you can plan a trip. Chances are you’ll visit again for another taste of adrenaline.

Royal Gorge Bridge and Park, Cañon City

Traditional bungee jumping is banned at the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park. But you get the closest thing to bungee jumping which is the bungee swing. The bungee swing is about 1,200 ft above the bottom of the gorge. Riders are dropped to 100 ft after free-falling at a speed of about 50mph. Then, they bounce and swing above the canyon in a ‘superman’ position. It’s the closest thing you’ll get to flying.

There’s no shortage and thrill with the bungee experience offered at the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park.

Bungee Trampoline at Lawson Adventure Park

The Bungee Trampoline in Lawson Adventure Park can also give you a healthy dose of adrenaline. You’ll be attached to several bungee cords and jump on a trampoline. You can go as high as you want and do any acrobatic move. The cords provide security and safety so you get to do your thing with your mind at rest.

XLR8R in Elitch Gardens

Imagine being pulled 150 feet into the air and then dropped? That’s what you are going to get at the XLR8R which has the largest free-fall swing in Colorado. It’s intense and there’s also some element of hang gliding and skydiving to your experience.

Bungee Trampolines for Kids at Colorado’s Ski Resorts

There are ski resorts in Colorado that operate bungee trampolines. They are kids-friendly as harnesses are used and you jump on a trampoline. You can do flips and other tricks you can think of while in the air. Not quite the traditional bungee jumping but still a fun activity to participate in.

Steamboat is home to Steamboat Ski Resort. During the summer, it operates a bungee trampoline called the Slingshot Bungee Jump. You can ride if you weigh between 40 and 180 pounds. The ride lasts three minutes and is in a safe and controlled environment. It is part of the Coca-Cola Adventure Zone, which is open during the summer when the slopes are closed.

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