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Bungee Jumping in Michigan – Top Places & Operators

One of the main attractions of bungee jumping is the ease of the sport. By ease, I mean bungee jumping doesn’t require any training, skill, or preparation. You’ll be briefed about what to expect before a jump by an instructor and that’s about all the preparation you’ll ever need. However, bungee jumping requires serious nerves of steel and a lot of gut.

Jumping from a 75 ft, 100 ft structure with only an elastic cord attached to your ankle can be described as ‘pure insanity’ by some people. But all you need is a leap of faith to dive headfirst and come perilously close to the ground. But your trusty elastic cord will bounce you back towards the sky.

The five to ten seconds of free fall during bungee jumping is everything. It’s one of the most intense adrenaline rushes you’ll ever experience. Also, bungee jumping may be one of the most outrageous things you’ll ever do in your life and when you get a taste of it once, you’ll keep coming back.

There are a couple of places to bungee jump in the US. However, if you live in Michigan, you aren’t in luck. There are no bungee jumping destinations in Michigan at this time. You’ll have to look up other destinations and travel to the one closest to you.

However, there are other adventure sports you can try out in Michigan. Let’s take a look at them.

Other Adventure Sports in Michigan

Whitewater Rafting

There’s a stretch of the Menominee River in the Southern Peninsula that’s ideal for whitewater rafting. There’s also a series of Class IV rapids meaning your trip can be as intense as you want it to be. And a dam is used to regulate the river so the rapids remain strong and swift.

There are several outfitters that offer guided whitewater rafting trips. And you should consider signing up with one of them.


Kayaking is an activity that’s close to our hearts. You can visit the kayaking section and check out our several informative articles about the sport. These are several hotspots for kayaking in Michigan with incredible scenery. offers a variety of trips. Your trip can be as short, long, or intense as you desire. You call the shots.


Ziplining is an activity that’s readily available in Michigan. Some people think ziplining isn’t intense but all you have to do is to use longer and steeper ziplines. And, you’ll find yourself racing at speeds of up to 100 mph. And your body will be flooded with good ol’ adrenaline. Apart from the obvious adrenaline rush, you also get to enjoy beautiful scenery.


While Michigan isn’t all big on rock climbing, there are several facilities where climbing enthusiasts can have fun. Planet Rock is one of such facilities and they have some mean fake rocks that require skill to climb. If you are new to climbing ,you’ll receive preliminary instructions before your first climb. Kids are also allowed at the facilities, although they will be climbing under parental supervision.

There are no bungee jumping opportunities in Michigan, but the state still offers pretty cool adventures! Other outdoor activities to do in Michigan include whitewater rafting, kayaking, ziplining, and so on. You will have to travel to another state if you really want to give bungee jumping a try, use the menu below to see what jumping locations exist in other states!

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Bungee Jumping Near Me – Choose a Destination

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