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Bungee Jumping in Wyoming – Top Places & Operators

Extreme sports are all the rage these days. Many people want to push the limits of what they can do while having tons of fun in the process. And one of the easiest extreme sports you can participate in is bungee jumping.

Unlike most other extreme sports, you can just wake up one day and decide to go bungee jumping. Many extreme sports require you to undergo some training. And you may need hours of tactics before you can enjoy the activity. But not with bungee jumping. What you need to jump is an ironclad will, the will to let go of all your fears and jump from a tall structure.

Bungee jumping is an activity like no other. It gets your blood pumping and your heart beating like never before. Jumping from a tall structure with an elastic cord attached to your feet will do that to you And that’s the main attraction behind bungee jumping – the adrenaline, the thrill, the element of danger.

Despite the element of danger associated with bungee jumping, the sport is relatively safe. Jumpmasters receive extensive training and all equipment used for jumps is of industrial grade. And as long as you are healthy, you should have no problem.

There are several bungee jumping locations scattered across the United States and this article focuses on Kansas. Unfortunately, there are no bungee jumping destinations in Wyoming at this time. Your best bet is to visit other States that have bungee spots or try other adventure sports in Kansas. Idaho and Colorado are two states close to Wyoming that have bungee jumping spots.

Nearest Bungee Jumping in Neighboring States

Bungee Expeditions, Idaho

Bungee Expeditions is one of the most popular bungee jumping in the United States. Aptly named, the company organizes bungee jumps in several States across the US. Click the link above to visit their website for their jump schedules in Idaho as well as their pricing. However, you should expect to spend up to $250. The actual amount will depend on your body weight.

Over The Edge Bungee, Stanley, Idaho

  • Address: Hwy 75, Stanley, ID, United States, 83278
  • Telephone: +1 208-293-4034

Idaho has more than one bungee jumping destination and you can decide to visit the one that’s closer to where you live in Wyoming. Over The Edge Bungee was established in 1991 and the company has several years of organizing bungee jumps. The company has a unique style of bungee jumping which involves using a collection of public bridges instead of a single location. And this has proven to be very popular among bungee jumping enthusiasts in Idaho.

Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park, Colorado

Another neighborhood state (to Wyoming) that has a bungee jumping attraction is Colorado. And the place to go is the Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park in Colorado. The Park has a 70 ft tower you can jump for. Jumpers must weigh between 80 and 240 pounds and be able to climb the tower to jump off it with cords attached to you.

You can visit the kink above to learn about the park’s schedule so you can plan a trip. There’s also a Giant Canyon Swing at the Park. And it’s something you can take a look at after your bungee adventures.

Bungee jumping is not available in Wyoming but luckily it is available in Idaho and Colorado. So you just need to go for a little trip across the state border to get what you are looking for. Many people in other states don’t have this luck, so embrace it and go for it!

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Bungee Jumping Near Me – Choose a Destination

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