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Bungee Jumping in San Diego & California – Top Places & Operators

There are many amazing activities in life. And bungee jumping is definitely among the top amazing activities you can participate in. Picture diving into the open space and then free falling. Then comes the awesome rebound. You surrender yourself to the harness, you trust the harness, and just let go. It’s an amazing experience, one that is difficult to describe.

One of the main attractions of bungee jumping is that people get to conquer their fear of heights. Take a leap of faith and leave your fear behind you. You also get to be as free as a bird. And there is also the mind-blowing view. And at the end of your dive, you feel a sense of accomplishment. You feel like you can truly do anything!

If you stay in San Diego or other parts of California and would like to go bungee jumping, then you are in luck. There are a number of bungee jumping destinations near San Diego, and in California as a whole. And I’ll be talking about them here.

Bungee America, Los Angeles, California

Bungee America is one of the bungee jumping operators in California. Located in Southern California, they offer many jumping packages and you can go through their website to browse through the available packages.

Have you ever jumped off a bridge while connected to a giant rubber band? That’s what you are going to get from Bungee America. It’s all about raw and traditional bungee jumping. Want to experience jumping off the famous Bridge to Nowhere? There got you covered. Bungee jumping pricing starts from $99 with additional jumping costing $50.

Bungee Adventures, Sacramento, California

Bungee Adventures got you covered when it comes to bungee jumping and other rope jump adventures in Northern California. The company jumps every Saturday afternoon all year round and jumps take place on bridges, trees, and dams. Bungee Adventures also organizes their jumps in remote and beautiful mountainous regions so you can enjoy beautiful scenery.

Pricing depends on the structure and height you are jumping from. Jumping 100 ft from a bridge costs about $149 while jumping 200 ft from a tree costs $249. Visit their website for a complete list of their packages.

Icarus Bungee, Alameda, California

*Closed until further notice

Icarus Bungee is another outfit in California that has organized individual and group bungee jumping trips in the past. Usually, Icarus organizes one expedition per month and jumps are usually executed at sunrise or in the evening, on some occasions. To reserve a place on an expedition please email:

Unfortunately, Icarus Bungee isn’t organizing any jumps for now. You’ll find the notice on their website and we hope this changes soon so people living near Alameda can have a jumping destination close to them.

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Other Extreme Sports in San Diego & California

This page is focusing on bungee jumping opportunities in California, but there are several other extreme sports you can participate in as a California resident. They include parahawking, scuba diving, slacklining, trekking, whitewater rafting, canoeing, kayaking, jet skiing, and so on. Parasailing, rock climbing, skydiving, diving, and zip lining are also available.

California is a fun place to live in and there are so many action sports you participate in. Make sure you browse this very site for information on these other outdoor sports as well!

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