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Bungee Jumping in North Dakota – Top Places & Operators

Bungee jumping is one of the most popular extreme sports today. And one of the attractions of the sport is that you don’t need any rigorous training before you partake in it. All you need is to have the guys and take the plunge. It’s not unusual for people to pass out during bungee jumping. But the thrill that comes with bungee jumping is unmatched by many activities. And even though bungee jumping is an extreme sport, it is relatively safe.

Bungee jumping involves jumping into open space from a cliff or a mountain. You basically surrender your life to the rope attached to your ankle. It is the rope or better still elastic cord that gives the awesome rebound after the great leap.

Having bungee jumped a couple of times let me share my view of the sport. You get to see things differently. Those structures you consider gigantic, appear so small. Basically, when you are 400 feet above, everything seems so tiny. You do not need to be an adventure junkie before you engage in this sport. It’s one enjoyable sport, all you need to do is trust yourself. Then you “take the leap of faith”! If you are afraid of heights, it is perhaps the best means of ridding yourself of that fear. The adrenaline rush the jump provides is all you need.

There are very few states in the US with bungee jumping sports. And North Dakota isn’t one of them. If this changes, I’ll update this article. So your best bet is to visit neighboring states or participate in other adventure sports in North Dakota.

Nearest Bungee Jumping in Other States

Bungee Expeditions, Idaho

Bungee Expeditions is one of the most popular bungee jumping in the United States. Aptly named, the company organizes bungee jumps in several States across the US. Click the link above to visit their website for their jump schedules in Idaho as well as their pricing. However, you should expect to spend up to $250. The actual amount will depend on your body weight.

Over The Edge Bungee, Stanley, Idaho

  • Address: Hwy 75, Stanley, ID, United States, 83278
  • Telephone: +1 208-293-4034

Idaho has more than one bungee jumping destination and you can decide to visit the one that’s closer to where you live in Wyoming. Over The Edge Bungee was established in 1991 and the company has several years of organizing bungee jumps. The company has a unique style of bungee jumping which involves using a collection of public bridges instead of a single location. And this has proven to be very popular among bungee jumping enthusiasts in Idaho.

Other Adventure Sports in North Dakota

There are lots of things to do outdoors in North Dakota. If you like being on the water, the Missouri River and Lake Darling are two examples of great kayaking destinations. If you’d rather stay on the ground, North Dakota has endless hiking opportunities. Want something a little closer to bungee jumping? Head to Fargo and give skydiving a try! You can check out The Skydive Company.

There may not be any bungee jumping destinations in North Dakota, but if you can make it to Idaho, you will find what you are looking for! Another relatively close bungee jumping destination would be Colorado. You can use the menu below to click on any state and check where is the nearest available bungee. If you can’t travel out of the state, don’t worry! North Dakota has a lot to offer in the outdoors department.

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Bungee Jumping Near Me – Choose a Destination

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