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Bungee Jumping in Ohio – Top Places & Operators

Pure adrenaline. That’s what bungee jumping is all about. The adrenaline from bungee jumping exceeds that of skydiving or jumping out of a plane. It’s raw and undiluted adrenaline that will make you come back for more.

You start by waiting for your turn and seeing people ahead of you making or failing to make the jump. Then it’s your turn and you stand on the edge of a bridge, mountain, or tower and look down. You see the cold hard floor, river, vegetation, or whatever is below the structure you are standing on. You realize the only thing between you and certain (and horrifying, if I might) death is the bungee cord attached to your ankles. You stare at the ground and gather the courage to dive headfirst into nothing. And as you freefall, your mind is no longer yours as you see the ground approaching. Adrenaline rushes in and it will seem like you are on course to crash into the ground.

But the bungee cord breaks your fall and pulls you back. It’s an experience that can only be understood by those brave enough to take the leap of faith. You see, the cord is designed to pull you back at the apex of your jump. Your body and guts are suddenly torn back toward the heavens. And nothing beats the feeling you get at this point.

Bungee jumping is a popular activity in the United States but not all states have where you can bungee jump. This article focuses on bungee jumping destinations in Ohio. Unfortunately, there are no spots for bungee jumping in Ohio currently. And your best bet is to travel to Kentucky which has a bungee jumping destination.

Nearest Bungee Jumping in Nearby States

Vertigo Bungee, Tyrone road, Lawrenceburg, Kentucky

Vertigo Bungee has several decades of experience as the company was founded in 1990. And they have been organizing bungee jumps long before the recent explosion of the sport. Vertigo has received worldwide recognition for jumping with some of the top athletes in extreme sports.

There are different types of bungee jumping offered by Vertigo and you should visit their website for more information about this. The company is renowned for their high safety standards and you’ll also find safety policies on their website.

Other Adventure Sports in Ohio


Skydiving is an extreme sport that’s readily available in Ohio. While skydiving requires some training, tandem skydiving is available to allow beginners to safely enjoy the sport. And tandem skydiving involves skydiving with an experienced instructor that will show you the ropes. There are several skydiving outfits and you can compare pricing and reviews to choose the one that’s well suited for you.


See Ohio from up above by booking a ziplining session. You get to cruise past the several tree canopies Ohio is blessed with. Apart from the fast speeds and incredible scenery, ziplining in Ohio is a way to show your love for nature and connect in it. And there is no shortage of ziplining spots in Ohio.

There are only a handful of locations across the US for bungee jumping and unfortunately, none of them is in Ohio. That said, if you can afford crossing over to Kentucky, you will be able to find what you are looking for! If you’d rather stay in Ohio, there are various high-adrenaline activities you can indulge in, such as skydiving.

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Bungee Jumping Near Me – Choose a Destination

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