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Bungee Jumping in Idaho – Top Places & Operators

Bungee jumping is one of the most extreme and radical adrenaline sports available today. While the sport is generally considered scary by many people, the number of people trying out the sport increases daily. And you may wonder why that is. I’ll tell you. The major appeal of bungee jumping is death-defying thrills.

You jump from a structure that’s several feet above the ground with nothing more than an elastic cord attached to your ankles. You leap off the structure and freefall. For a moment, it looks like you are going to crash into the ground and then the cord breaks your fall. And those seconds of freefall will be one of the most intense, scary, and exciting moments of your life. Adrenaline sets in, your heart rate increases, and blood pumps furiously throughout your body. You feel alive.

There are only a few bungee jumping destinations in the United States. However, if you stay in Idaho, you are in luck. This is because Idaho has a couple of bungee jumping destinations. And here they are:

Bungee Expeditions, Idaho

Bungee Expeditions is one of the best bungee jumping companies in the world and they organize bungee jumps in several states across the US. Luckily, Idaho is one of the states where Bungee Expeditions operates and you can visit their website for pricing and jump schedules.

Glenn’s Ferry/King Hill, which is 1 hour from Boise, and Hansen in Eden are the two locations Bungee Expeditions uses in Idaho. You can expect to spend up to $250 or more per jump depending on destination and weight.

You can see on the map the Perrine Bridge and the Hansen Bridge, used for Bungee Jumping.

Over The Edge Bungee, Stanley, Idaho

  • Address: Hwy 75, Stanley, ID, United States, 83278
  • Telephone: +1 208-293-4034

Aptly named, Over The Edge Bungee is one of the best and most accomplished by bungee jumping companies in the world. Established in 1991, Over The Edge has several years experience of organizing bungee jumps and they offer bungee jumping excursions, equipment sales, jumpmaster training, stunt rigging, choreography, arena shows, filming, canyoneering, ropes training, high-angle maintenance and heights management.

The company has a unique style of bungee jumping which involves using a collection of public bridges instead of a single location. And this has proven to be very popular among bungee jumping enthusiasts in Idaho.

Other Adventure Sports in Idaho

Whitewater Rafting & Kayaking

Thanks to the several miles of navigable whitewater in Idaho, whitewater rafting is very popular in the state. You can go on an exciting trip on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River, Hells Canyon, the Lochsa, Selway, South Fork of the Payette and several other rivers. If whitewater rafting isn’t your thing, you can kayak on the several available waterbodies in the state.

Rock Climbing

If you are a rock climbing enthusiast, you’ll find no shortage of rocks to climb in Idaho thanks to the jagged landscapes. The state has an aptly named City of Rocks National Reserve where you can find several granite spires and 600-plus routes. Other climbing destinations in Idaho are the Chimney Rock, Castle Rocks State Park, Elephant’s Perch, and Q’emiln Park.

Lucky you, you do have access to some pretty cool bungee jumping locations in Idaho, with very experienced operators you can rely on. The best part is you have several bridges to jump from, so you can do it several times with a different experience every time. Once you ticked bungee jumping out of your list, why not try whitewater rafting or rock climbing?!

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